Workshop of energy-saving reform of the lighting lamps and lanterns choice

by:Mylight     2021-01-13
Leds as a new type of light source using light-emitting diodes (leds) has been widely used in the workshop of energy-saving reconstruction, compared with the energy-saving lamp tube longer life is widely used in the factory workshop, market, heat up most of the LED lights use of aluminum plate has a unique cooling effect. Sales market now led material is given priority to with the PC shell, with special ventilation holes all around in the use of workshop is to get everyone's approval. Energy-saving lamps is known as the compact fluorescent lamps, is the integration of the equipment. According to distinguish between U shape and spiral of more internal padding for the phosphors, the heat will be converted to electricity, the whole lines with halogen powder, mixed powder and three primary colors, mainly affect the length of life. Is the main difference between luminous principle, the difference between the light and heat dissipation problem is also very concern of the constant current drive is to protect the normal use of LED fluorescent tube, most of the time with the use of voltage instability, the high temperature. Constant current is within a certain range of output voltage, output current is kept constant, is an important factor of stability in service life. LED lamp belongs to the typical nonlinear original, use constant current driver even under the premise of non steady flow can normal use don't burn out. Under the workshop of the normal use of the LED fluorescent tube voltage of 220 v tubes for both input and distribution for a 3 line wire a zero line and a ground line, read the instructions carefully before you use, and in the middle of the ground can receive not receive, firewire and zero line must not be wrong. Constant current drive on the price a little higher, but the late safety to use more at ease, suggest you must buy in this workshop improvement constant current drive power supply. Regardless of any occasion efficiency improvements, we are all in order to achieve the purpose of higher conditions, so at the time of transformation to choose high quality LED lamps and lanterns and drive power supply, if insufficient funds can also choose to contract energy pattern, greatly reduces the reform cost, and don't have to take a risk!
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