Why to change the classroom lighting school

by:Mylight     2021-01-22
School classroom problems directly affect the students' vision, it has attracted the attention of a great nation, so why school classrooms to better the classroom lights? Now as to find out together! At present our country most of the school classroom is not standard, it is worth attention. Under the attention of the relevant national policy, the classroom light environment transformation in all parts of the country is picking up. But we found that some of the classroom even changed into the special lamps and lanterns, the quality is not qualified. Obviously, the classroom reform should not be interpreted as 'new lamp for old lamp', but light environment as a whole solution. This includes the real space scene and different groups based on the needs of professional design, subtle light of biological theory, intelligent control and so on various aspects. Especially the classroom in addition to basic classes, there will be demand projection, self-study, recess scene, single led lighting design is unable to meet the needs of the students one day run out of different activities. Of course, the choice of lamps and lanterns is one of the highlights of the classroom. Classroom index of glare control requirements for lamps and lanterns and light wave depth ( Stroboscopic) , color rendering index, color temperature, and blue light is relatively important, to ensure the illumination in the luminaires, uniformity and evenness of the blackboard also is particularly important. The lamp that shield an eye is suitable for school classrooms, not letter, you see: 1, energy conservation and environmental protection led light tube, and different from the traditional lamp energy saving, environmental protection, the traditional daylight lamp contains large amounts of mercury vapor, if broken, mercury vapor in the atmosphere and cause pollution. No leds using mercury, and led products also contains no lead, mercury and other harmful substances, can be recycled use. 2, safe and reliable use led lamp, using 2835 highlighted the lamp bead, light efficiency reached more than 95 lm/W, droop control within 3% a year. Can light is soft and not dazzling, anti-radiation, even can alleviate visual fatigue, can create a good learning environment for students and teachers, improve the learning efficiency. 3, no mosquito bother leds will not produce ultraviolet and infrared radiation, no mercury and other harmful substances, no thermal effect. So you don't like traditional lamps and lanterns that mosquitoes around the light source. Indoor health will become more clean and tidy. 4 no electromagnetic interference, no noise of led lamps and lanterns, won't produce any noise, light to create a good environment for the school. 5, eye protection of the traditional fluorescent lamp is using an alternating current, so can produce 100 - every second 120 times of stroboscopic. Leds using led constant current work, is to put the alternating current into direct current, directly reduce the led light failure, start quickly, flicker-free, protect your eyes. 6, wide voltage range of the traditional fluorescent lamp is lit by the release of the high voltage rectifier, cannot light up when the voltage reduction. And led lamps and lanterns is within a range of voltage can light up, Such as AC - 85 265V) 7, good generality led bulb shape, size and traditional fluorescent lamp, can replace traditional lamps and lanterns. Above is the 'why school to replace the classroom lights' in detail, hope to help you!
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