Why the underground garage lighting everyone USES LED induction lamp

by:Mylight     2021-01-23
Today, intelligent, underground garage can also use the induction lamp, energy conservation, environmental protection, this is just one of these advantages, so why are all of the underground garage using induction LED bulb? Now as to find out together! Smart LED LED lamp is the underground garage using induction radar, in addition to basic endowed with leds more features, popularization of intelligent product yet its biggest obstacle is the price, 2 - recently 3 years intelligent industry will be a big field of commercial competition, the combination of practical and the price we look forward to intelligent light source is full. Secondly some of the underground garage will use to glass tubes, although the easy broken, but the traditional idea to see more in the glass. LED greatly increased people's usage, we produce the LED radar induction lamp USES is all plastic material. Glass tubes in the field of certain features to distinguish the light transmittance is generally higher than that of all plastic LED bulb, but itself has some shortcomings, besides everyone knows the fragile, and the heat dissipation function is poor, the general performance of tubes two dark black. So everybody to want to choose reasonable in use. Underground garage using LED radar induction lamp mainly has the following characteristics: 1, the cooling hot sex: LED lamp with good thermal conductivity of aluminum plate, using light source lamp beads fit in a certain coefficient of aluminum substrate, thereby avoiding bo qian board of poor heat conduction problem. 2, constant current regulator: under the condition of voltage stability and long-term excess power increase the original voltage of load, the late will greatly shorten the service life of tubes. 3, power efficiency, LED lamp power efficiency will have a large proportion of the used for heat transformation, the use of long time will increase the heat loss, power efficiency, but one of the important factors of service life. Radar sensor LED fluorescent lamp, the product using the doppler effect principle, the transmission of electromagnetic wave by planar antenna, when there is moving object into the electromagnetic environment, waveform reflected back, planar antenna to receive feedback of waveform, follow-up work circuit via detecting the trigger signal. To produce light/the shimmering double brightness effect, only 5 - comprehensive weighted power 6 w, than ordinary fluorescent lamps and energy saving effect of 85% or more. Greatly extended service life, and the human body heat release electric induction compared with acoustic induction, induction distance is farther, Angle, no dead zone, can penetrate glass and wood veneers, is not affected by environment, temperature, dust, etc, in the case of 37 degrees, not shorten the induction distance. Reflect speed, good concealment, so radar induction lamps and lanterns of LED fluorescent lamp is the best of the underground garage. Above is why LED manufacturer for all of the underground garage using induction lamp LED radar in detail, hope to help you!
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