Why the LED lighting is a good choice of underground traffic light

by:Mylight     2021-01-24
Subway travel is a very good traffic tools, the convenience and benefit, so many cities have started to build the subway. Can the subway is electric vehicle, is also a real king power consumption, the growing global energy crisis, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, save energy consumption for subway traffic becomes very important, and the LED is the best choice of subway save energy consumption. Why say so, later we will learn about the! A 1, the construction of the subway, the subway and the prospects of the city, run miles long, development speed, the subway is a large market. It is known that under construction or the city more and more conform to the construction of the subway project, a line of city subway construction force is greater. Currently operating metro city north of guangzhou, such as more than 10 cities, there are more than 40 cities under construction or planning. Predicts 2020, the 177 construction of rail transit lines, a total length of 6100 kilometers, the total investment will reach 1. 1568 trillion yuan. Which will produce a lot of LED products demand. Think globally, metro market expand dozens of times. The global 62 countries established the existing urban rail transit, only operating routes more than 32600 kilometers. Which subway mileage, accounting for a third. 2, the design requirements of the subway 1 and energy-efficient: system of subway power system, the total energy consumption by 13%, average energy consumption of 26 w/m subway? 2; , far higher than the average standard of 6 w/m other places? 2; Source power, saving energy is huge. 2, stable and reliable, long life: in the ground, the traffic density is high, long light, the intensity is big, the lamps and lanterns requirement for high reliability, stability, long service life. 3, multi-level, inward and outward channels, station hall, station, car, orbit, due to factors such as natural light, the density of stream of people, comfort, the demand is different. 4, the design of complex, more limited: subway system including the strong and weak electricity system, fire control system, operation system, monitoring system and exhaust system, the design not only needs led lighting effects and human feelings, still need to take care of the other subsystems. 5, art, culture and city landscape: the subway environment decoration more prominent characteristics and style of the city, the design needs and environmental decoration style is consistent, foil set role. 6, strong shock resistance: subway car there is a certain vibration, platform and station hall after the train vibration. 3, 1, LED lamps and lanterns is the choice of the subway underground power distribution system is complex, the voltage fluctuation is frequent, the wide working voltage range of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns is more stable, LED lamps and lanterns can do - 100 85 - 240 v 265V。 2, the subway is used in a closed space, lamps and lanterns is working time is longer, are generally more than 17 hours. Traditional droop in this environment is very big, lamps and lanterns of LED naked light source can be 5000 h light failure, the whole lamp heat handle basic can achieve 5000 h light failure is less than 1%. 3, lamps and lanterns of repeated repairs, can bring huge workload to the subway operation, stable LED more than 50000 hours of life; And can design as a way for easy maintenance, is the first selection of the subway. 4, the electromagnetic interference influence on communication equipment will be in the subway, especially near the location of the train operation, to avoid the electromagnetic interference is very important. Good design can will generate electromagnetic interference control LED lamps and lanterns is very low. 5, as the subway tunnel traffic, running area full of wave type vibration energy, the anti-shock performance of lamps and lanterns is very important. LED has a unique way of luminescence, lamps and lanterns designed special seismic structure. The shapes of 6, LED lamps and lanterns has a very high design freedom, can shape with the characteristics of subway station. For example, once LED renovation project of line 2 of guangzhou metro: all 14 station: three yuan please - in the station To pazhou station. Two years, 2015 formally completed. Before transforming: 8790 sets of fluorescent lamps and lanterns, after transforming: 7527 sets of LED lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns: total reduction of 1263 sets. Replace the actual effect after: 14. 4% of lamps and lanterns, intensity of illumination is up to 10% energy saving 48. 8%, annual power consumption saves 2. 45 million degrees. A comprehensive savings: 2. 45 million x 0. 7526 = 184. 3. 87 million yuan, not included in the maintenance overhead expenses of the fluorescent tube. Three years to recover costs. Above is the LED manufacturer to tell you why LED is a good choice of subway traffic related are introduced, everyone know? The hope can help you!
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