Why the classroom lighting transformation should choose LED the lamp that shield an eye

by:Mylight     2021-01-22
As the change of lifestyle, juvenile myopia rate is higher and higher, the classroom is a place where students stay the longest time at ordinary times, if the classroom environment not ready, will seriously affect the students' vision, so the classroom led the lamp that shield an eye is especially important. So how can we change to modify the classroom? Now as to find out together! For light source, a lot of bad lamps and lanterns will exist stroboscopic, radiation, such as glare of light pollution, and some light pollution has affected the health of human beings. Especially in school teenagers, because is still in development, produce a great impact on the bad for their eyesight health, high myopia proportion. So choose the lamps and lanterns that shield an eye good classroom, build a healthy environment for the students is very important. If you choose to classroom environment substandard eye will cause what effect to the eye? 1. Desks of the intensity of illumination and the intensity of illumination evenness commonly under the provisions of the state standard ( Gb: not less than 300 lux, desk of illuminance degree not less than 0. 7) 。 A long period of low intensity of illumination, the same classroom students if different desk surface uneven illumination, some students see, read, write, demanding, easy cause visual fatigue. 2. Don't use the special lamps and lanterns of the blackboard, not even decorate the blackboard, the blackboard average illuminance is far lower than the national standard ( Gb: blackboard not less than 500 lux, evenness of no less than 0. 8) , some students can't see the words on the blackboard is easy to visual fatigue cause myopia. 3. Most of the classroom directly installed fluorescent tube, the light point-blank students eyes from glare, distract students' attention, thus affecting the learning efficiency, result in visual fatigue, myopia. And fluorescent lamps and lanterns is general configuration inductance ballasts, there are serious light stroboscopic effect, students' visual system in order to adapt to the change of frequency, also frequent autonomic regulation, cause visual fatigue. 4. Color rendering index is low, most of the classroom use of fluorescent color rendering index in 70 ( Gb: light source color rendering index should not be less than 80) , color distortion, let objects cannot be true colors. 5. Most of the classroom are generally adopt high colour temperature ( 6500K) Fluorescent tube ( Gb: appropriate USES 3300 - of the classroom 5500 k color TPS source) With blue light. High temperature due to the color of the light is too white, the eye fatigue. So what kind of light to let the child better integrated into the classroom environment, let the children comfortable working in a healthy light? Introduce at three points: 1, transformed the traditional energy-saving lamps LED system should use the standard LED lamps and lanterns of eye, build a comfortable green light for the classroom environment. 2, anti glare from the classroom should be used with anti glare of the LED lamps and lanterns of eye, reduce the glare of lamps and lanterns influence on students' vision, no beam directly into the students' eyes, to protect the students' eyes. 3, no harm of blu-ray use classroom led lamps and lanterns of eye, color temperature 5000 k ( Gb: appropriate USES 3300 - of the classroom 5500 k color TPS source) , high color rendering index, both the comfort of the space, and have a healthy study light. And production of LED the lamp that shield an eye, no stroboscopic, no radiation hazard, grille, microcrystalline glare design and application, make it become the healthy light source. Production of classroom overall good pervious to light the lamp that shield an eye, uniform illumination, the light is downy and bright; Compared to the traditional energy-saving lamps save electricity, energy consumption is only about a quarter of energy-saving lamps, contain no mercury and other harmful substances, green environmental protection. The above is the 'why should choose LED the lamp that shield an eye schoolrooms' in detail, hope to help you!
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