Why the classroom blackboard lamp so important

by:Mylight     2020-11-30
The students' vision problems in recent years, has always been the hot spot of the society. Light at present, the traditional classroom is uneven, the light slants dark corner, desk light plane and the blackboard is not up to standard, severe glare etc is one of the main reasons for students' vision loss. Has become an important task for the modification of the classroom! Now with together to learn about the classroom blackboard light why so important! Common led lamps and lanterns of the glare of a big a problem is, fitted on the light source device that anti glare, let the education level of the glare of lamps and lanterns, UGR) To below 16, and sanitary standards of the primary and secondary school classroom lighting and glare rating less than 19. Color rendering index is measured in a light degree of objects color reduction. Ordinary led lamps and lanterns, usually in the 70 - 80. Although the naked eye can't see stroboscopic common led lamps and lanterns, but the data show that the stroboscopic light, Fluctuations in depth) More than 20%, in this environment to study, will accelerate the visual fatigue. Color temperature greater than 6500 k of ordinary led lamps and lanterns, high color temperature easily cause visual fatigue. And the primary and secondary school classroom led lighting and health standard 'is pointed out that the color temperature of education should be in k - 3300 5500 k. Blue light is an important component of white light, is not only an important role to ensure the color rendering, also can be adjusted to circadian rhythms. We usually hear & quot; Blu-ray hazard & quot; Refers to the light source of 400 - 500 nm blue band, if radiation brightness is too high, eyes look after for a long time may cause of retinal photochemical injury. Above is the 'classroom lights why so important to the blackboard,' detailed introduction, hope to help you!
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