Why road lighting energy-saving reform should choose the LED street lamp

by:Mylight     2021-01-21
Improvement of living standards, people are increasingly demanding on the quality of life, the road application is more and more popular in our life and work over ten hours every night, power consumption is big also, in order to advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, energy saving renovation of we must be carried out on the road so what should we do? Now with our engineers to look at! 1, electricity contrast: the preferred path selection of lamps and lanterns, LED Lantern Festival can effect is now recognized energy-saving lamps. Why to say the LED street light is energy saving? As an example, we use 60 wled lamps a year to produce electricity, only for the use of 250 w, ordinary high pressure sodium lamp lights a year to produce 20% of the electricity, greatly saves electricity costs, is the ideal energy saving products. 2, to lay the contrast of the LED street lamp power is a quarter of ordinary high pressure sodium lamp lights, laying copper cable sectional area required for ordinary street lamp only a third, saving the cost of laying. Comprehensive above two save cost, use LED street light than ordinary high pressure sodium lamp lights, the former can make our country in a year to recover the initial increase in costs. 3, illuminance contrast: use 60 w LED street light can reach 250 w high pressure sodium lamp illumination, greatly reduces the use of power; Low power LED street light for its use, it can be combined with wind, solar, use time on the road in the city. 4, using temperature contrast: compared with ordinary street lamp, LED street light in use process of low temperature, won't produce high temperature continuous use, not black not black chimney. 5, the safety performance contrast: cold Yin lamp, electrodeless lamp on the market at present, by high pressure point excitation X-ray, toxic metals such as mercury, and harmful rays; By contrast, LED lights are safe low voltage products, in the process of installation and use greatly reduces the potential safety hazard. 6, environmental performance contrast: ordinary street lamp containing harmful metals, spectrum contains harmful rays. , by contrast, the LED street light spectrum purity, contains no infrared and ultraviolet (uv), no radiation, no light pollution, and do not contain harmful metals, waste recycling, belongs to typical green environmental protection product. 7, compared with the quality of life: the average service life of the ordinary street lamp is 12000 hours, the lights change not only cost is high, and affect the traffic, especially in places such as tunnel construction inconvenience; The average life span for the LED street light for 100000 hours, according to the meter using 10 hours a day, service life for ten years, once and for all. In addition, the LED street light waterproof, impact resistance and shock are good, stable quality, the warranty period is a maintenance free product. Through the above introduction, you have to know the LED road lights, know why choose LED road lights is the right choice of energy conservation and environmental protection! If you have other questions can call our hotline!
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