Why LED radar induction lamp is now an underground garage illumination of choice

by:Mylight     2021-01-24
With the improvement of living standards, cars have become the people common means of transportation, and thus lead to a parking space more nervous, in order to alleviate this situation, a lot of commercial housing is the rise of the underground parking garage, this also caused the problem of underground parking, if using ordinary lamp, no traffic also want to turn on the light, so many parking lot power consumption is very big, in order to solve this problem, the LED radar induction lamp arises at the historic moment, it compared with other tubes, have what advantage? With small make up to look at it right now! LED radar sensing the advantage tube is mainly manifested in the following: intelligent induction: without sound, Clap your hands, stamp, etc. ) Without them, when someone into the microwave radar sensor light detection range, microwave detector work lights, lamp on 18 w, when people leave the detection range, microwave induction lamp keep brightness (3 w Customizable W) 。 Smart delay: switch on the human body after each activity was detected in automatically postpone a cycle ( Time can be customized) And the last time to postpone time human activities for starting point to begin the next time. Compared with infrared products: microwave induction lamp induction distance is farther, perspective is wide, no dead zone, strong penetrating power, is not affected by environment, temperature, dust, etc. Low maintenance: as the LED life expectancy 50000 hours or more, and every lamp and using infrared sensor control, daily use of a relatively short time, makes the service life of the whole lamp design can be up to 10 years, so greatly reduce the maintenance cost. LED radar induction lamp light source light by using induction module is a kind of automatic control of a new type of intelligent products. Material from a source, LED as frequent switch of intermittent light source, relative incandescent lamp and all kinds of fluorescent lamp, is undoubtedly the most ideal choice. The switch long service life, fast response, high photosynthetic efficiency, small volume, easy to control the characteristics of the perfect embodiment. On the other hand, more intelligent, no manual switch lamps light up automatically. Microwave radar sensor features: 1) Probe in detecting activities of people or objects such as the goal, as long as in the microwave range have been supervised in moving people or objects, can be sensitive to the induction trigger. 2) Sensor is through a signal emission and signal receiving antenna board to complete the detection activity, the microwave signal from the antenna can penetrate the nonmetallic material, such as curtain, thin wall, etc. 3) Sensor according to different performance requirements, adjustable into different induction distance and the induction range. LED radar induction lamp compared with the traditional lamps and lanterns has irreplaceable advantages, underground garage as underground garages, the LED lamp is not only the advantages of the radar, due to the particularity of the underground garage, to do it 24 hours a day, in the absence of vehicles into the hard to avoid waste of electricity, so if you want to save the cost of property management, will be bright, when I have to have a car but can't anyone looking at it, so the LED radar induction lamp is the default choice!
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