Why is the classroom should choose led lighting the blackboard lamp that shield an eye

by:Mylight     2021-01-22
Myopic problem is very serious in our country, many parents thought it was a problem caused by electronic products and sitting, however, they ignore a very important reason is the effect of school classroom environment, which is now the classroom blackboard lamp in addition to meet, should also be able to play the role of protecting eyesight. Now with together to get to know what the classroom suitable LED the blackboard lamp that shield an eye! 1, energy conservation and environmental protection LED the blackboard lamp that shield an eye can meet the using demand of the now classroom lamp, energy conservation, environmental protection, the traditional light bulb inside are mercury if protection is not good will evaporate into the atmosphere, causing serious pollution of the environment, now the lamps and lanterns is very safe, does not contain any harmful substances, and can satisfy the recycling. 2 now, safe and reliable LED lamps and lanterns can satisfy the photosynthetic efficiency reach 95 lm/W, basic stable droop, the light is very soft and not dazzling, can have the effect of radiation protection,'s devotion to education scheme used to alleviate visual fatigue, for students and teachers to create a relaxed learning environment. 3, no mosquitoes now basic all night lessons at school, when night lessons on this summer if use the traditional light bulb all kinds of mosquitoes around the lamps and lanterns, very affect students' learning environment, and a lot of mosquitoes or harmful, but now the classroom light is the LED lamps and lanterns are used, no ultraviolet light, radiation, etc. , will not produce thermal effect, surrounded by mosquito also won't lamps and lanterns. 4, eye protection of the traditional fluorescent lamp using alternating current (ac), in this process happens every second certain stroboscopic, but now the light is LED lamps and lanterns, communicate directly converted into direct current, effectively reduce the light failure, so the education of lamps and lanterns is the role of protecting our eyes. At present the classroom light mainly USES is LED lamps and lanterns of eye, in addition to the above advantages, also has is wide voltage range, high universality, energy-saving advantages. The above is the 'why classroom should choose led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye' in detail, hope to help you!
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