Why disconnect switches, lamps and lanterns still shine

by:Mylight     2021-01-22
Many people have a doubt, it is energy-saving lamps flickering problem in the switch case, the problem of hundreds of millions of Internet users, energy-efficient office today for everyone to share what on earth is it? First may be the switch problem: energy-saving lamp control and its working principle, a lot of energy-saving lamp switch button above answered a resistor, then follow a light-emitting diode, switch inside there is a light emitting diode, and combination of the resistance of a m o. When the switch is opened, can have weak electric current flows through the light-emitting diodes (leds), so it will be light; When the switch is closed, light-emitting diodes (leds), together with the current limiting resistor is short, so led light. When the diode light up there will be an electric current passes through, so will appear the phenomenon of a faint light of lamps and lanterns. The second may also be a lot of people make mistakes, take the switch on the zero line, and take the line of fire on the lamp holder, thus leading to the switch, is still a current through the lamps and lanterns, so there will be a disconnect switch lamps will still shine. We summarized the following points for your reference, in case of the lamps and lanterns when there's a light at the end of the disconnect switch is still have a reference: the first: use the lamps and lanterns of working current is larger. Article 2: remember: wire switch, the zero line lamp holder. Article 3: don't from the outlet side of the switch too long wires. If it must draw out from the switch into the line side, guide plus switch to control. Principle is: avoid the capacitance effect of the wire. Article 4: the distribution of that occupy the home switch wire and zero line don't. Article 5: to do well grounded, and ensure that grounding is effective. The above five is guaranteed, basically there will be no flicker of lamps and lanterns, questions about the switch, it is recommended to use the switch without diode, it can be replaced with the sort of luminous, another case with professional equipment and professional staff to test, is not recommended to change, not safe and easy to problems and general after-sale is a professional service personnel can solve for you!
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