Where is the classroom lighting design should be the problem

by:Mylight     2020-12-12
Most of the time in the school classroom learning, if the classroom environment didn't work, it is easy to cause students' visual fatigue, which can lead to myopia, solution! In order to make the classroom visual healthy, comfortable, suitable for regulating the students' emotion and psychological state, must be natural light environment and the relationship between classroom led lighting, what should we do? What is the relationship between classroom and visual health? Now they've come over. First of all, to consider the student area and stage led lighting, colour, temperature, and the tone differences. In order to make the students to focus on, which is beneficial to teaching, we must pay attention to this aspect. Second, when the ratio of the area of environment and the main light is too large, such as no ambient light or the ambient light is low, students prone to visual fatigue, distress and inattention. In addition, when environment color is yellow, green and orange, and saturation is moderate, the students will concentrate on learning, easy to recover energy. On the contrary, when the ambient light and color for the cold, grey, white, saturation was low or too high, students easily excited. The higher the light, reflect the more obvious. As well as environmental colour is too complex, chaos, light contrast is too large when the student spirit is easy to disperse, affect the teaching effects. At present, the development and outlook of modern school classroom design. Along with the computer, multimedia and digital audio and video equipment popularization in the classroom, the students at the desk, a blackboard, books to read and write the single teaching mode is a computer screen, large projection screen, keyboard, audio-visual media, such as the situational teaching model of teaching. Students in class scope of vision, visual object and single media, such as the traditional paper, blackboard differences and the nature of the visual object. Students daily study and life in such a complex visual environment for a long time is indisputable fact that, the proportion of middle school students myopia is on the rise in our country. The traditional school classroom theory, model and school classroom design standards significantly behind the development of the current classroom teaching and needs. Therefore, how to protect the students' vision health, for students to create a scientific, comfortable and pleasant environment, health vision has become the top priority. Classroom lighting design, mainly from the following several aspects to consider: 1, according to the specifications of the classroom, choose suitable for the plate lamp specification and quantity of the classroom. 2, according to the classroom environment simulation and field debugging, adjust the classroom evenness to comfort. 3, pay attention to the blackboard lamp against the glare of the debugging and the installation and design, so that they don't produce the exposure light source, the teachers and students can't direct contact with the light source. Debugging and results of it more depends on the characteristics of the lamp itself rather than experience. Above is the 'classroom lighting design should where those problems' in detail, hope to help you!
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