When was MYLIGHT established?
FOSHAN MYLIGHT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been founded for many years. We have rich experience in the production and sales of bathroom ceiling light . In fact, we have gone through many difficulties since inception. We have spent years developing our own brand and constructing our own sales channels. All this contributes to the current growing business. We are now well recognized by clients worldwide. We will continue expanding the export business.

Our customers have witnessed MYLIGHT's rapid development in decorative track lighting business over the years. MYLIGHT's led table lamp is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. This product typically has some element of utility compared to a pure fine art. It can be used as a piece of decoration as well as a gift. Frequent switching on and off will not reduce its life expectancy. MYLIGHT has technical support available to better help customers for bathroom ceiling lights. No radiation is produced using this product.

we will adhere to the marketing of led square panel light style culture. Get more info!
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