What should be paid attention to when choosing the classroom the lamp that shield an eye

by:Mylight     2020-12-04
Students are there in a year and half of the time in school, if the school classroom is not ready, a great influence on the students' vision, so what school classroom should use light to the eyes better? Believe that the problem for students, teachers, parents, are very concerned about subject. The lamp that shield an eye and a good classroom, not to mention the other first, the first thing to satisfy three basic conditions, respectively is: nothing stroboscopic; The anti glare; 3 without blue light damage. A, no stroboscopic. Stroboscopic, mainly because the work frequency of the light output is not stable. The frequency of the light, that is, a lamp, the 'light' made by irradiation within every 1 second time around. If in the period of 1 second, to illuminate the greater the time value, the more stable, so the lamp of stroboscopic effect. The lower the working frequency of the classroom, on the contrary, the lamp that shield an eye, bouncing, the greater the stroboscopic. Classroom LED the lamp that shield an eye, no stroboscopic, bright and uniform illumination, high color rendering index, good color reproduction. Second, no glare. Glare is one of the important cause of visual fatigue. In the school classroom with lights, many children are in the classroom or in the evening self-study, in the classroom that shield an eye lamp, reduce glare, to care for the eye. Classroom LED lamp, anti glare + whole back light design, classroom whole bright, uniform illumination, can build a healthy for students learning the light. Third, no harm of blu-ray. Blu-ray harm to the human eye, mainly manifested in myopia, cataracts, and macular degeneration eyes pathological damage and harm body rhythm. As a result, the school the classroom if use the poor quality of the lamp that shield an eye blue light on the high side, blue light damage and harm to students' vision. The classroom light products introduced: 1, lamp plate is made of high quality aluminum alloy, anti-rust better, not easy to change color, panel using premium grade material, professional processing and processing, good pervious to light. 2, cabinet and light the lamp body, save a space already, and guarantee the illuminated area, have contemporary feeling at the same time, the assembly parts easy to remove 3, do not contain harmful substances, low loss, low energy more than 4, the life of up to 100000 hours for the average classroom is once and for all 5, no stroboscopic chips with high quality, high-tech production of chimney gentle 6, make the light more fully sealed design, can effectively prevent the mosquito dust, easy to clean up maintain 7, built-in high-performance electronic ballast, energy saving, no stroboscopic, no noise, long life 8, USES the high quality and diffusion of light guide plate plate, high color restore physical character, light transmittance as high as 96%, color soft bright above is the 'what should be paid attention to when choosing the classroom the lamp that shield an eye' in detail, hope to help you!
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