What's the main problem in our country middle and primary school classroom lighting

by:Mylight     2020-12-15
Now, most of the middle and primary school classroom in China, the fluorescent tube is used as a light source, or directly use 'lamp holder ( Including electrical parts) + show tubes 'method, or use the lamps and lanterns ( Lattice grid lamp plate/lamps and lanterns of the blackboard) + fluorescent tube light source 'approach, to end the roots and the blackboard, in the form most exist the following problems: 1) Desk of illuminance widespread lack of. Based on six areas in China 99 campus to build the results of a survey, more than the measured intensity of illumination of the classroom number between 200 lx and 300 lx, uniform illumination for 232 lx, practice intensity of illumination and planning of illuminance are low. 2) The blackboard uniformity is poor. Commonly used fluorescent tube ( Or with a reflector) As the blackboard lamp use, form the top of the blackboard is too light, easy to tell the students not clear blackboard upper white FenBiZi blackboard writing, and lower part is too dark, the lack of intensity of illumination, students can't read write content. 3) Glare obvious affect the eyes. Generally use lamp holder + fluorescent tube method, classroom light outward signs, students see simple direct light source and eyes have been affected, after using the grille lamp panel must improve, but still can't completely prevent. Blackboard lights such as direct use fluorescent tube, the influence of the students and teachers could get its glare, affect learning power, as a reflector method, can make the students to prevent glare, and the teachers being the influence of the glare will be intensified. 4) High color WenYi cause visual fatigue. Now there are still many classroom use high color temperature of 6500 k fluorescent tube. Studies indicate that high temperature can make the person meet attention, forward of vigilance, but for a long time high color WenYi cause visual fatigue, so heart tired, so long time to remember the effect not beautiful, even can lead to heart negative mood such as anxiety, disgust. To build a good board, need to do the following: 1, vertical illuminance blackboard is the focus students' attention, it needs higher vertical illuminance, to meet the national standard or higher 500 lux. 2, intensity of illumination uniformity because the blackboard as a key area of knowledge, so the light distribution more uniform, feeling more comfortable, intensity of illumination evenness 0 or higher. 8. 3, the direct glare reflected glare, dazzling light appear easily in the blackboard. In order to eliminate the glare of the blackboard, the following three conditions to be met. The board through the blackboard surface reflected light into the eyes of students; The blackboard is not direct source of light into the eyes of students; The teacher didn't feel the blackboard anti. 4, the reasonable design; In order to avoid direct reflected glare, the emergence of the problem such as glare, blackboard lamp installation position and Angle for professional design. 5, light control switch in order to facilitate the blackboard alone varies according to different teaching environment, it is recommended that the board should be separate control switch. Above is the 'what problems in our country middle and primary school classroom' in detail, hope to help you!
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