What's the main hidden trouble unqualified classroom blackboard lamp

by:Mylight     2021-01-25
Nowadays students in campus life, is to the survival of the classroom, and according to the survey, many schools through schoolrooms, greatly improve the comfort level of the students in the learning process. So, exactly what is the current situation of the classroom? The classroom blackboard lamp to what risk? Now as to find out together! From the point of view of physiology, the human eye is like a precision optical instruments, can feel the brightness of the very wide range, can distinguish from a few parts per thousand nita, even hundreds of objects. When our country began to implement the primary and secondary school classroom led lighting and health standards, require classroom desks to the intensity of illumination should reach 300 lx, blackboard the intensity of illumination should reach 500 lx. Some schools, however, the blackboard qualified rate is very low. The main reason is installed in the lamps and lanterns on the blackboard Angle is bad, can't give full play to the function of the lamps and lanterns, the uneven light projected on the blackboard. Some of the classroom before the blackboard only install a light tube, even before the blackboard is no equipment in some classroom, blackboard only the average illuminance on the 66 lx. During the day, when the environment to achieve 10000 nit brightness, the brightness of the human eye can distinguish range of about 200 - 20000 nits, less than 200 nit brightness will be regarded as a black; When the environment in the night of 30 nit, distinguish the brightness in the range of 1 - 200nit。 At this point, for 100 nit brightness will produce very bright feeling, only less than 1 nit brightness will produce black feeling. Human visual perception depends on the pupil and the regulation of photoreceptor cells. The size of the pupil of the intensity of the light to adjust according to the outside world. Photoreceptor cells divided into cones and rods. The sensitivity of the latter is the former 10000 times. Under the strong and weak light, the pupil and the photoreceptor cells regulate each other, make the retina of luminous flux are kept moderate. Therefore, if the board is too weak or too weak, will bring bad effects to the students. Everyday must conform to the laws of people's vision and eye health. Without reducing the quality of the premise, reduce energy consumption, realize the 'green', namely science and health. School classroom environment quality directly affect the students' vision, the classroom the lamp that shield an eye on the market quality is uneven, but the production of LED eye classroom light in numerous lamp stand out of the classroom! 1, the network spread all over, the domestic sales network throughout more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, has successively established 48 offices, more than 3800 distribution network, more than 200 professional after-sales service. 2, authoritative attestation: products with national compulsory CCC certification, CQC energy-saving product certification, CE, CB certification, ISO9001; 2008 certification, ISO14001:2004 certification, access to China's energy-saving product certification, etc. 3, full coverage: whole series of products covered by the education products, from the interior of the classroom, office, classroom, library, gym to outdoor stadium road, all can meet the needs of the school. 4, keep improving, in order to develop real eye LED lamps and lanterns of the classroom, all of them, and stood in the Angle of human factors engineering, starting from the vision of health and human comfort requirements, research and development of healthy, comfortable, environmental protection, energy saving products of the classroom. 5, into details: the modernization of production equipment, fully automated production line movement, is greatly reduce artificial factors resulting in failure of products, high product quality consistency. 6, robust nature: has 18 years experience of equipment production, is a professional engaged in energy-saving eyecare r&d, design, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. School classroom case involving national, such as: yuelu experimental middle school of changsha, changsha bo to sunshine experiment elementary school, zhuzhou experiment elementary school health school, nanjing, guangzhou panyu star mountain middle school, guangzhou yao elementary school, the second middle school in guangzhou, south China university of science and technology, Beijing charity school, Beijing changping a medium.
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