What office lighting with leds myth

by:Mylight     2021-01-15
Office is a place where we stay the most long, if the light-china.com/products' target='_blank'>led lighting is bad, can affect employees' vision and office efficiency, just contact with LED lights for consumers, how to choose an appropriate office use leds become their anxiety problems. This small make up made the following answer for you. Based on the current various kinds of LED lamps and lanterns city and various brands of office products with LED lights, consumers choose to have the following error. First, it is generally believed that is the higher the power, the greater the brightness. Actually office with LED lamp brightness with luminous intensity measurement, the luminous intensity refers to the luminous intensity on normal direction, namely, the luminous flux emitted per unit solid Angle, unit candlelight, general LED luminous intensity low intensity made unit candela, light source will be different intensity of radiation flux in different directions. Electric power refers to the unit of time to do work, electrical size refers to how work is done. On the LED is not LED the greater the power, the product the higher brightness. Second, think office use LED lamp is refers to the effective Angle of light Angle, this is not correct, 2 times of the half Angle perspective is the actual light Angle, customers in the LED lamps and lanterns of choose and buy should focus on the actual light Angle, the calculation of engineering, the number of products will be subject to the actual light Angle. Third, the service life of the confusing the laboratory and actual life, expect too much. Salesman to the customer when selling LED light fuzzy time, misleading, such as all the listed LED lights use time of 100000 hours, actually refers to time in the lab, different LED lamps and lanterns in different environment, different conditions, and use frequency of time under different temperature and humidity is not the same, as the light source, the brightness of the light there will be a process of attenuation dim, when the choose and buy LED products, so customers concern should be light failure rather than life. That's LED manufacturers of office choose what are the pitfalls of leds in detail, hope to help you, if you still don't understand, can dial the hotline detailed consultation!
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