What kind of LED lighting lamps and lanterns installation specification is

by:Mylight     2021-02-23
LED lamps and lanterns on the current market with other lamps and lanterns is irreplaceable status, from the effect to the energy conservation and long service life, none embodies the LED lamps and lanterns is not absolute advantage, basic in LED lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns and traditional contrast without any disadvantage, want not to say anything, the price a little expensive may be the only short! So how are the installation of the LED specification? 1. Installation site. Whether the installation or household lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns industry, respond to the scene before installation, make sure the location is safe can clear positioning. 2. The type of lamps and lanterns and power of choice. Led lamps and lanterns, type and specification is not the same, the installation time need to combine the model for the selection of the actual situation, in order to continue to work late. 3. To observe the safety operation procedures. When installation will require space environment, the actual installation height and other factors. In led lamps and lanterns installation time is no exception. Can consult and fellow professionals guide. To ensure a safe operating environment after installation. 4. Other factors, if it is the installation of outdoor lamps and lanterns also waterproof sunscreen function need to be taken into account. No matter with the developed of lamps and lanterns manufacture technology, led lamps and lanterns will now have the function of the sun and rain. Want to consider this factor when design and installation. General LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer will have professional guidance of installation, so consumer is ok, as long as know installation standard specific installation will have professional installation or decorate a company to responsible for!
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