What kind of eye classroom lights is to meet the requirements of lighting

by:Mylight     2021-01-19
On May 10th, zone spreading mechanism of the State Council held a press conference in Beijing, please the relevant departments and experts on science during epidemic preventing myopia. Science, with the eye myopia prevention is the key of the conference. Experts said that the school is myopia prevention and control of the main positions, schools should provide good environment for the children's eye health, such as good daylighting and. The world health organization (who) study, at present, the number of myopia patients up to 600 million, is almost half the number of population in our country, child and adolescent myopia rate is high. According to the national centers for disease control and prevention survey found that students poor classroom environment is one of the main cause of vision loss. Country attaches great importance to the vision of child and adolescent health, accelerate the development of education and school education reform as a whole. In view of the classroom's standards and policies introduced gradually. Let's look at the current domestic certification scheme of the classroom. 1, CCC mandatory safety certification stationary general lamps and lanterns: - Safety standard: GB7000. 201 - 2008年,GB7000。 1 - 2015 - Emc standards: GB17743 - 2017,GB17625. 1 - 2012 embedded lamps and lanterns: - Safety standard: GB7000. 202 - 2008年,GB7000。 1 - 2015 - Emc standards: GB17743 - 2017,GB17625. 1 - 2012 certification units classification: 2, CQC voluntary certification standards involved: - CQC3155 - 2016 primary and secondary schools and kindergarten classroom energy-saving product certification technical specification - GB / T18595 - 2014 equipment is commonly used in emc immunity requirements of LED lamps and lanterns of main test items: division of certification units: 3, CQC voluntary classroom high quality light environment certification definition: use safety, energy saving lamps and lanterns of the classroom, and through reasonable design, installation and maintenance, continue to meet the requirements of the CQC certification rules classroom light environment. Scope of application: including ordinary classrooms, reading rooms, laboratories, multimedia classrooms, art classroom, computer classroom, the classroom light environment, such as electronic reading-room. Product requirements: the classroom use of lamps and lanterns, should through the CCC certification and CQC classroom energy-saving product certification. Standard: - GB 7793 - 2010 primary and middle schools classroom led lighting and hygiene standards IEEE标准1789 - Blink - 2015 IEC 62471 light sources and lamps and lanterns of blue light damage detection project: division of certification units: cardiac, in principle, to use the unit of the certification unit, a unit using as a certification unit. Has different authentication client, different classroom light environment construction units and the use of units should be as different certification unit. Above is the 'what kind of eye classroom light is meet the requirements? 'In detail, the hope will be helpful to you!
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