What kind of classroom let children study in healthy light the lamp that shield an eye

by:Mylight     2021-01-19
Formerly most of our school is in the use of fluorescent lamp or the ordinary energy-saving lamps, although can undertake basic, but problems such as noise, radiation, stroboscope, blu-ray is more serious. Not only bad for eye health but also easy to affect the learning mood. So what kind of classroom led lighting environment can let the child better integrated into the classroom learning, let the children comfortable working in a healthy light? Now as to find out together! 1, transformed the traditional energy-saving lamps LED system should be used to meet the standard of LED lamps and lanterns of eye, build a comfortable green light for the classroom environment. 2, anti-dazzle protect the classroom should be used with the glare of the LED lamps and lanterns, reduce the glare of lamps and lanterns influence on students' vision, no beam directly into the students' eyes, to protect the students' eyes. 3, to reduce the blu-ray damage using the LED lamps and lanterns to control the color temperature of about 5000 k ( Gb: appropriate USES 3300 - of the classroom 5500 k color TPS source) , color rendering index greater than 80, both improve the comfort of the space, also reduces the blue light damage. Above is the 'the lamp that shield an eye lets the child what kind of classroom learning in healthy light' in detail, hope to help you!
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