What is the street light energy management contract?

by:Mylight     2021-02-22
Street lamp EMC contract energy management belongs to the energy-saving contract energy management mode in the energy saving application of roads, also called electricity lump, is a kind of to reduce energy costs to pay for the energy-saving reform of energy saving project total cost approach to investing. This way of energy saving renovation investment allows the user to use in the future energy saving benefits and equipment upgrades for the factory, reduce the running cost, improve the efficiency of energy utilization. A, street lamp EMC nouns that contract energy management is the energy conservation service company through energy saving service contracts with customers, providing customers with project design, project financing, equipment procurement, construction, equipment installation and debugging, staff training, energy saving, confirm and ensure a complete set of energy-saving service. In the process, the customer without any fee, In theory) , the energy conservation service company with customers to share the contract period energy cost savings to obtain return on investment. After the expiration of the contract, installation of various equipment for the customer all belong to all customers, customers can continue to use the equipment, and enjoy the energy saving benefits. Armour ethylene-propylene energy-saving service contract, signed three parties, namely the municipal administrative department of party a, party b the energy conservation service company ( The investor) , party c for party b to do business related financial sector. The purpose of saving energy is to assist and support party a optimized energy utilization, energy efficiency, save energy cost and obtain benefits. Party a by party b in urban energy systems provide superior products and financial strength, etc. , are willing to accept 'payment by installments' put forward by the party b cooperation mode and payment ( Settlement) Way. 'Payment by installments' refers to the pay with comprehensive cost saving electricity and related investment maintenance costs. 'Energy saving benefit payment by installments' refers to the equipment (energy-saving renovation project Energy saving system) Provided by party b or buy, energy-saving equipment run by party a is responsible for the maintenance work, the energy saving ratio (confirmed by the both parties jointly Saving electricity power) On time, party a and party c actively cooperate with the deal with 'payment by installments' stipulated in the contract payment; Contract payment, high efficiency and energy saving equipment listed all owned by party a, after the energy saving benefits all owned by party a to enjoy. Road is refers to the party b to party a energy consumption equipment with advanced LED products replace energy efficient utilization of renovation. Energy-using equipment is involved in this contract and ownership belongs to party a need to retrofit all energy-using equipment. Street lamp energy saving equipment is to point to party b to party a energy-using equipment to implement energy-saving renovation and paid by party b buying PHLIPS - for the use of party a Cosmopolis and CDM- The libs-elite street lamps energy-saving system. Technology co. , LTD. , dongguan city, was founded in 2001, is a professional engaged in energy-saving products, focus on led lamp intelligent switch in 16 years research and development, design, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Is located in dongguan dongcheng, is a professional LED lamp manufacturer, can according to your specific needs, professional custom to meet the requirements of you tube!
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