What is the relationship between school classroom lighting and myopia

by:Mylight     2020-12-23
The classroom is a place where students learn to be the longest place. The daylighting of the classroom environment is closely related to students' vision health. Who would have thought that, many schools still use the twenty or thirty years ago issued standard of the classroom. What's more, the school quite a part of the classroom and even didn't meet some of the key indicators of the old standard? Now, then, the myopia rate is higher and higher, what is there a link between the classroom of the school and students myopia? Now as to find out together! Analysis the cause of low vision, in addition to congenital genetic factors, there are many factors, such as the acquired environment, such as long time of close reading and writing, and schoolwork burden is heavy, eyes overload, cause eye fatigue, lack of rest and adjustment, also related to reading posture, body health and nutrition; In addition, poor school classroom light and low intensity of illumination is one of the main reasons for poor eyesight, myopia. School classroom should cause and construction department of public health education, and parents. The current important problem is to improve the quality of school classroom, improve the quality of school classroom, otherwise the consequences will be severe. Professional design and development of the classroom light, not only saving energy, long bright lights do not produce redundant quantity of heat, the blue light damage waiver, the following special lamps and lanterns of LED classroom characteristics: one, designed for the classroom blackboard a special blackboard lamp, can achieve education acceptance standard. Second, the two optical diffuse light design, make the light glare on the blackboard comfort. Three, no harm of blu-ray ( RG0) No stroboscopic, lamps and lanterns, ensure that students eyes comfort levels. Four, high color rendering index Ra90, let your eyes see the real color. Fifth, the average illuminance on the 550 lx, evenness 0. 81, the evenness belongs to lead in the industry. Six, the whole lamp life for more than five years.
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