What circumstance can accelerate eyesight drop

by:Mylight     2021-02-22
Experts remind: if there is a greater difference between binocular vision correction must be timely, if not timely correction can lead to poor eyesight of the eye vision down faster, monocular amblyopia, strabismus, etc. , if the eyes are anisometropia, the development of the eye will produce great influence, mainly displays in the following aspects: 1, the eye fatigue cause anisometropia eyes degree difference is bigger, easy to cause visual fatigue, dry eyes, tears, headache, nausea, dizziness and other consequences, and when the judge distances and angles may be there is a deviation, walk or drive, easy to compromise its own security. 2, 'eye' faster eyes vision loss in use there is a principle -- — 'Use it or lose it', that is, good eye is often used, the eye is bad is gradually abandon the use of such poor eyesight eye is myopic degree increases fast, eyesight decline phenomenon. 3, can result in monocular amblyopia for two different eyes, eyes retinal imaging size resolution, high dioptre eye macular imaging big and fuzzy, cause reflection to stimulate eyes fusion is insufficient, can't form a single visual eyes, resulting in a passive, two eye refractive and more than 300 degrees, high dioptre often form amblyopia. Such as degrees are particularly big, can affect the retina imaging resolution and size, also affects the establishment of the binocular stereo vision, and the smaller the age, visual function influence, for early diagnosis and treatment. If over 18 years of age have diopter is basically stable, this time by the possibility of glasses for adjustment has little, if is the binocular vision deviation is too big, seriously affect the normal life, can consider through surgery to correct. Above is the 'what circumstances will accelerate decreased vision' in detail, hope to help you!
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