What are the prevention of myopia, the classroom lighting requirements?

by:Mylight     2020-11-25
Now the students spend most of their time in the classroom. They are learning in the classroom. At this point, the request will be higher. If the classroom of the lamp that shield an eye fails, will bring certain damage to children's eyes, especially the occurrence of myopia, as a result, higher request to the classroom of the light. Now, together with to know about the prevention of myopia, the classroom requirements have? A, big classroom light requirements in some big the classroom needs to be installed more eye lamp. In general, the number of the classroom lights are three or more than three root, and in the middle of the classroom, which requires a more light. Install at the same time, in the middle of the brightness of lamps and lanterns is higher, therefore diffusion modes on either side of the median line is a basic requirement of the installation. Second, the requirements of the small classroom, like a small classroom, because of the space range is not very big, we don't need to install at this time so many classroom light. In general, we only need to install two or three pillars. The installation of the lights in the classroom, we generally according to SiLiuGe classroom lights, so there is no problem. Three, the requirement of special classroom in some schools, in addition to some of the common outside the classroom, there are a few such as laboratory, the artroom, gymnastics room, the classroom is also a kind of style of the equipment. Usually, they need to combine the classroom of some special requirements to install some lights, have some special requirements in installation. Production classroom is the lamp that shield an eye green, health, safety eye, security man! Production of the classroom that shield an eye lamp, has a unique anti glare, light is more soft and not dazzling, protection of human eye vision. Can save electricity, high intensity of illumination, high refers to, the light is downy. And appearance concise air, light easy to install, it is a good choice of classroom led lighting design. Production of the classroom that shield an eye lamp high color rendering index reaches to the Ra> 90, conform to the standard Ra> classroom of primary and secondary schools; 80, the more close to natural light. In addition, the classroom is the lamp that shield an eye, no stroboscopic illumination even, bright and soft light, energy conservation, environmental protection, can help the school to reduce maintenance costs.
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