What are the common cause of LED panel light damage

by:Mylight     2020-12-04
LED panel lights because its energy conservation and environmental protection, long life, good light, is very popular among people, homes, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, almost everywhere, but people often due to improper use in our daily life it is no longer 'longevity', so what are the common cause of damage of LED panel light? LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer to tell you! 1, sudden high power supply voltage, the increase in the number of surge voltage is not stable, lead to LED panel lamp was burned. Some components or printed line 2, line or other wire short circuit and led the local short circuit of the power supply circuit, make the place of higher voltage, or loose solder joints virtual welding. 3 quality reason, some LED panel lights because of their damage and thus form a short circuit, its voltage drop is passed on to other LED, LED resistance change, LED by the voltage on inequality. 4, lamps and lanterns in the temperature is too high, the characteristics of the LED bad; Local temperature rise inside the lamp too fast; When the welding or immersion tin temperature too high. 5, lamps and lanterns into the water, the water is conductive. Closed internal heat flow accumulation of lamps and lanterns to form water vapor or mist. 6, light source test in open and close quickly, and charge discharge electrode ( When shut off gradually destroy) 。 Seven, wash plate washing plate water erosion and ultrasonic wave. 8, charged operation; All anti-static fixture, jig do; Keep the environment temperature and humidity. The above is a common cause of LED panel light damage what are introduced. In all major choice when buying or with their own actual situation, choose suitable LED panel light. When need to replace it is best to please to the professionals to help replace or testing. In life we can gather more knowledge when needed can choose oneself to like yourself and practical LED panel light.
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