What are the advantages of underground garage illumination LED radar induction lamp

by:Mylight     2021-01-09
LED induction lamp is often used in radar or stairs to the underground garage, but tubes in the underground garage, the most common LED induction radar absorb dome light is common in the corridor, why has been widely used? How many people are concerned about his advantage! 1. Energy saving control (1) the car into the microwave radar sensor LED fluorescent tube, induction area, open automatically by the dim light 3 w to 18 w (2) the owner from the top 8 ~ 30 seconds after the car parking induction lamp automatic extinguishing or switch to a dim light 3 w (3) compared with the conventional energy saving effect is obvious, power consumption will be the original scores a point 2. Eliminate the potential safety hazard by microwave radar sensor LED fluorescent tube as a garage, as long as people, Car) Where, where the lights light up automatically, television monitoring system, led lighting can prompt the monitoring center someone ( Car) Into the underground garage, the security guard play a supplementary role. 3. Low maintenance due to the LED life expectancy & ge; 50000 hour, and every lamp and using infrared induction control, daily use of a relatively short time, makes the service life of the whole lamp design can be up to 10 years, so greatly reduce the maintenance cost. As the underground garage, the LED lamp is not only the advantages of the radar, due to the particularity of the underground garage, to do it 24 hours a day, in the absence of vehicles into the hard to avoid waste of electricity, so if you want to save the cost of property management, will be bright, when I have to have a car but can't anyone looking at it, so the LED radar induction lamp is the default choice!
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