Waterproof LED lights series USES

by:Mylight     2020-12-02
Made outdoor LED twinkle light luminous words, outdoor signs but also reveal the brand and fashion, enhance business scale and level. Mainly used in: building roof characters, hotels, outdoor signs, such as KTV entertainment brand, store signs, door head signature, etc. Production of LED light-emitting word outside the method steps: 1, LED outdoor tools required for production of signs: 40 w or 60 w soldering iron, soldering, drill, glue guns, screwdriver, etc. 2, LED outdoor signs production need to other materials: punching of tin, wires, colorful LED light-emitting words power. 3, punching: aperture ( 9毫米,12毫米,20毫米) According to the height of the outdoor brand system installation, spacing and production costs, general LED center spacing for: 10 - 30 mm, small spacing 赿, high brightness 赿, the higher the cost. 4, inserted lamp: the drilled hole is clean, light one by one. 5, wired: have already made ready and the attachment of the waterproof LED lamp series, each series has reserved thrum, generally red from the power of the anode, black thread of receiving LED a special power of the cathode, the power to be placed in the distribution power box. ( Refer to installation instructions) 6, aging test: connect all of the LED, check processing is not bright, then 48 hours aging test. 7, transport to the scene, the scaffolding installation on site.
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