Warehouse lighting energy saving lamps and lanterns of choice

by:Mylight     2021-01-19
LED mining lamp may rarely see in everyday life, but in our workshop environment, or will often see, especially in factory, workshop and warehouse space is very big, there are. And its sales is very good in terms of workshop environment. For GongKuangYe is also a kind of protection, and at the same time in the workers can work better, have higher working efficiency. So to the requirement of energy-saving reform choose industrial and mining lamp factory workshop and what? First of all, the workshop zhonggong miner's lamp light reflector must be able to create different brightness and width of the light. Because in different process requirements of the effects of light is also not the same, only the change of industrial and mining lamp has a more diverse and adjust to better meet the needs of use. Second, we need to know is, LED mining lamp if more bright and broad led lighting effects, be sure to use white coating on outer garment, the reflector using special glass material, it will lead to better effect. Then there is the use of workshop in bad environment, industrial and mining lamp in structure, a hood and a reflector on the design and material selection of more exquisite, so it is important to note that when making. Finally, we want to say is that the impurities in the air containing dust is more, because the air visibility is low, the air is humid workshop working environment, had better choose those shell sealing better LED mining lamp, prevent wet gas from entering the inside of the lamp, also is a kind of protection for the lamp. Now LED mining lamp, the production cost is higher than that of traditional products, its economic benefits are not reflected on the purchase cost, but by the characteristics of long life, low energy to dramatically save the cost of operation, maintenance, and eventually offset up-front investment costs. Consumer is when the choose and buy, it is necessary to choose the product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed excellent brand, can really enjoy the high quality LED lamps and lanterns of save electricity, save money, save worry, don't be misled by slick salespeople, and low price. Anyway at the time of purchase lamps and lanterns, to grasp some knowledge of the lamps and lanterns of choose and buy when choose the lamps and lanterns of energy-saving renovation, to see their actual needs, not only pay attention to the price!
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