Use waterproof LED lights series of the note

by:Mylight     2020-12-02
1, the voltage of the LED string DC5; Voltage DC12 please pay attention to use that type. 2, from the power supply wire cross-sectional area not less than 4 square millimeter ( Can also be 2 of article 2. 5) 。 3, led twinkle light of electronic line red received power of the anode ( After some article to 2, and received positive) 。 4, led twinkle light electronic line black received power of the cathode ( Some article to 2, and after receiving power cathode) 。 5, if discover individual light is not on, please check the lamp or lines, such as is not bright, please replace the LED lights. 6, double color and colorful LED full-color waterproof visible light string is a total of anode, control the cathode. 7, full-color LED the leakage of waterproof lamp string four line in the red for positive, in the order: the positive and negative, the data and clock.
waterproof LED lights series features
1, LED lamp series, LED point light source advantage into full play, any combination, make the LED luminous words, large outdoor LED advertising signs, LED electronic light-box is simpler. 2, special design of bayonet, installed directly after the punch, setup time quickly. 3, is applicable to all kinds of plate punching ( Such as electrolytic plate, aluminum, iron, stainless steel plate, etc. ) 。 4, the Taiwan famous brand LED chip, strong brightness, good color consistency, good color saturation, long service life, low attenuation, ensure product quality. 5, the parallel connection, breaking the traditional 'one light is not bright, all the lights are not bright' shortcomings. 6, all the lights series, the use of intelligent control system, can produce the gradient, jumping, chasing, scanning, anime graphic display effect, and can realize asynchronous and synchronous control, random arrangement, meet different user requirements. Outer glow LED lamp string specification: 1, working voltage: DC5V. 12 v。 2, LED twinkle light colors: red, yellow, golden yellow, blue, green, white, purple, orange, double color, colorful, full color.
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