Underground parking lot lighting how to design good

by:Mylight     2021-01-10
Generally underground parking lot are all-weather, continuous time is long, ordinary LED lights work under load conditions, one is the lamp bead continues to work under high temperature, the attenuation quickly; Still firing, the second is the still of the night light, a waste of electricity, so, solve the problem of underground parking lot, need to start from the design, improve the life of lamps and lanterns, to energy saving at the same time, in combination with the practical situation of the parking lot, be intelligent. Underground parking lot design intelligent voice control scheme. Voice control scheme is through testing sound surroundings into the working state, if use voice control in noisy places, lights will have been working in the state; On the other hand, if too quiet around, may not be triggered, acoustic test equipment, the sensitivity of induction, the user the sensitivity of sensors can be set according to the surrounding environment. Underground parking lot design solutions and intelligent radar sensor. Intelligent radar sensing scheme using doppler principle, 5. Around 8 GHZ microwave radar signal, when moving objects into the radar sensing area, confidence can receive feedback signal to the receiving circuit, triggering circuit. For 5 - general radar signal distance 9 meters, as long as the moving object can trigger the sensor. Although objects within the scope of the trigger, if you don't move, still won't trigger. Radar sensor can penetrate non-metallic items, such as gypsum board, wood, etc. , very suitable for hidden installation. If there are any metal objects blocking emitting surface, can cut down the sensitivity of induction, pay special attention to this. The design and construction of underground parking garage will there is a subtle difference, specific led lighting design also need to adjust according to the actual situation of the parking lot. Advantage: 1, the network spread all over, the domestic sales network throughout more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, has successively established 48 offices, more than 3800 distribution network, more than 200 professional after-sales service. 2, authoritative attestation: products with national compulsory CCC certification, CQC energy-saving product certification, CE, CB certification, ISO9001; 2008 certification, ISO14001:2004 certification, access to China's energy-saving product certification, etc. 3, strives for perfection, in order to develop truly energy-saving lamps and lanterns, standing in the Angle of human factors engineering, starting from the vision of health and human comfort requirements, research and development of healthy, comfortable, environmental protection, energy saving products. 4, into details: the modernization of production equipment, fully automated production line movement, is greatly reduce artificial factors resulting in failure of products, high product quality consistency. Above is the 'how to design good' underground parking garage in detail, hope to help you!
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