Three protection methods of LED drive power supply circuit

by:Mylight     2021-01-27
1. To protect the LED circuit adopts fuse ( Tube) Due to the fuse is a one-off, and slow response, poor effect, use of trouble, so the fuse is not suitable for LED' target='_blank'>led lighting products, because leds are now mainly in the city of light engineering and lighting engineering. It LED protection circuit to very demanding: beyond normal use can immediately start, when the current protection, let the LED power supply channel is disconnected, the LED and the power can be protected, and automatically restore power after the whole lamp is normal, does not affect the LED work. Circuit cannot too complicated volume cannot too big, the cost is still lower. So it's very hard to adopt the way of fuse implementation. 2. Use the transient voltage suppression diodes ( TVS) Transient voltage suppression diode is a diode in the form of highly efficient protection device. When it's poles reverse transient high-energy shock, at 10 to the minus 12 power seconds the speed of a very short time, make yourself between the poles of reduced to low resistance, high resistance to immediately absorb as much as several kilowatts of power surge, voltage clamping yuan between the poles in a predetermined voltage value, effectively protect the precision components in the electronic circuit. Transient voltage suppression diode has a fast response time, the transient power, low leakage current, breakdown voltage deviation good consistency, clamping voltage control more easily and without damage limit, the advantages of small volume. But in be used actually found to find required voltage value of TVS device is not easy. LED light bead damage mainly because too ambassador chip internal electricity due to overheating. TVS can detect over-voltage cannot detect overcurrent. To choose the appropriate voltage protection point it is difficult to grasp, the device will not be able to produce it is not easy to use in practice. 3. Choice since the recovery fuse self-healing fuse is also known as polymer positive temperature thermistor PTC, is made up of polymer and conductive particles, etc. After special processing, the conductive particles in the polymer of conductive pathways. When the normal working current through ( Or components in a normal temperature) In low resistance state, PTC self recovery fuse; When the circuit has the abnormal current through ( Or the environment temperature) When large current ( Or the environment temperature) The heat made by polymer rapid expansion, is cutting off the conductive particles made of conductive pathways, PTC self recovery fuse in high impedance state; When the circuit through the current ( Overtemperature condition) Disappeared, polymer cooling LED drive power supply, the volume is back to normal, the conductive particles and to form conductive path, PTC self recovery fuse and the initial state of low resistance. In normal working condition since the recovery insurance tube heat is small, the abnormal working state of its high heat resistance is very big, also limits the current through it, so as to play a protective role. In the specific circuit, can choose: (1) shunt protection. The LED is usually divided into many concatenated branch. We can add a PTC element in front of each branch, respectively, for their own protection. This approach has the advantage of high accuracy, the reliability of protection. (2) the overall protection. In front of all the light bead added a PTC element, to protect the whole lamp. The benefits of this way is simple, does not occupy a volume. For civilian products, the protection in the actual use of the result is satisfactory.
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