The use of LED tunnel light advantage and installation method

by:Mylight     2021-01-29
LED tunnel light is a kind of tunnel light, it is applied to tunnel, workshop, large warehouses, stadiums, metallurgy and all kinds of manufacturing, engineering, construction and other places large floodlight, the most suitable for urban landscape beautification, billboard, building facade. What advantages does it have? How to install? > > > > The advantage of LED tunnel light, LED tunnel light source and the traditional contrast LED is a solid-state semiconductor devices, it can directly put DianZhuan into light, compared to the traditional road tunnel light source ( Sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, etc. ) , LED light source has the following advantages: ( 1) Droop small: if good cases, the condition of heat dissipation of LED before 10000 h to droop, 10000 h before the droop of 3% 10%, the first 50000 h basic was 30%, far below the ordinary road light source, light emitting more stable. ( 2) High color rendering: general LED color rendering of about 7 0 ~ 8 0, if use tricolor phosphors is higher; Generally high pressure sodium lamp is 2 0 to 35, low pressure sodium lamp is lower, so even if the traditional light source brightness higher than that of the LED, but visual effect is worse than LED, not the brightest, but see one of the most clear this should be a direction of the development of the application of LED light source. ( 3) Life: the life of the LED is higher than general road tunnel light, now generally higher than 50000 h. ( 4) Price: LED lamp holder while current prices higher than traditional lamps and lanterns, but with the maturity of manufacturing technology, is a dramatic drop in the price of the current high and low voltage sodium lamp a set of the price is in 2000 yuan or so commonly, and auxiliary parts such as the cable price is higher than that of the LED cable charges. > > > > Installation LED tunnel light have, derrick, seat type, type suction a top wall and so on the many kinds of installation, operation more convenient. Adapt to the needs of different job site. Lamps and lanterns and electrical box integration design, the overall reliability, low failure rate, more safe and convenient in operation and maintenance. LED tunnel light can adopt intelligent control technology, realize own dimming control and save energy. Basic situation of LED tunnel lamps and lanterns of long tunnel in the manner of double hole one-way road layout, the tunnel entrance section, transition 1, 2, 3, basic section and export section; Lamps and lanterns feature points to strengthen lights, all lights and emergency lights. Cloth lamp on both sides, lamps and lanterns installation height is 5. 5 meters.
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