The underground garage lighting transformation should choose what kind of lamps and lanterns

by:Mylight     2021-01-09
With the popularization of the LED lamps and lanterns, more and more industries and places come to retrofit, today we mainly, the advantages of energy-saving reform of the underground garage, choice of lamps and lanterns, etc to detail the underground garage! Underground garage advantage: 1, the use of the original line of lamps and lanterns and mounting bracket, avoid massive line modification; 2, keep the original intensity of illumination standard, reducing power consumption, achieve the purpose of energy saving; 3, using green products, do not contain toxic and harmful substances, environmental protection concept embodies; 4, combined with the original manual branch control methods, increase the intelligent control method, infrared control, time control, illumination control etc; 5, the long life of LED lamps and lanterns, life not less than 50000 hours, greatly reduce the maintenance cost; Underground garage choose lamps and lanterns is to choose the T8 models of radar induction lamp, LED LED has the advantage of energy saving, long life and can frequently switch, radar sensor can do car lights, car to walk the shimmering effect, large energy saving! How to choose the lamps and lanterns of underground garage: first, the packing and marking national mandate LED lamps and lanterns manufacturers products marked on the outer packing the following content: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. Generally speaking, the high quality products of trademark printing quality is good, the font is clear, not easy to fall off, with a soft wet cloth to wipe, mark clear, not easy to erase, a manufacturer's trademarks and related certification marks. False and inferior product printing quality is poor, font fuzzy, easy to erase, no manufacturer's trademarks and related certification marks. Two, see the LED lights look real LED energy-saving lamps, is to use tricolor tube, tube white, hand over to see, more white. In addition, look from the lamp, can put more than lamp together to compare, tube shape and size consistency better for bending forming machine, how is the product of mass production. Good consistency of product, quality is easier to get guarantee, servicing the interchangeability of the better. Appearance, of course, also cannot have crack, loose and interface between be broken open a trace. In the process of installation, disassembly, there should be no loosening of the lamp holder, a little. Third, look at the temperature at which the work LED bulbs under normal working state, the temperature rise should be low. Otherwise, a short life of LED bulbs. At the same time, energy-saving lamps light up, there are quickly flashing, or very dazzling, suggests that the energy-saving lamps quality problems. Four, the startup performance LED bulbs startup has two characteristics: first, the higher the temperature the easier start; The second is the light off, not flash. In addition, it is worth mentioning that many LED energy-saving lamps in a very dark, this is against lamp life.
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