The underground garage lighting lamps and lanterns is how to choose

by:Mylight     2021-01-09
Choose lamps and lanterns of the underground garage is related to the garage with all aspects of the problem, if not well solved, will also affect the normal use of the consumer, the following is an underground garage to share with you the choose what kind of lamps and lanterns? How to choose? Lamps and lanterns is most used in the underground garage, they were replaced by LED lamp light source to replace is a new change of The Times. LED bulb model, that is, we often hear of T8 and T5 T, is representing the size of tube diameter, a T is 1/8 of an inch so is 25. 4 mm, according to the width of the workshop between light and the light and the specific, choice of LED lamp is on. Underground garage illumination time is long, the brightness and quality has certain requirements, good quality late can reduce a lot of maintenance trouble, relative to the quality of after-sales service is also very important. Sold cabbage price as for the LED lamp market, more and more depends on the demand of the market, at the rising popularity of customer demand, r&d and production of LED lamp manufacturers are racking their brains all kinds of LED products at a lower price, price of Chinese cabbage disturbed the normal LED the market, more need to adjust to control LED market as a whole. Other radar can also choose to use LED lamp, reach to the light, walk the shimmering effect, so can greatly save electricity also better able to extend the service life of LED lamps and lanterns, underground garage is very good choice; Also do not recommend you choose to absorb dome light and LED mining lamp, underground garage, first the two light relative to the LED lamp cost is higher, and the brightness of the dome light can not reach requirement, industrial and mining lamp brightness is too high, result in serious waste of resources. So together, still don't think tubes is an underground garage. Leds choice as to the underground garage, it is best to choose the quality assurance of time longer, the other LED bulb heat dissipation problem is focus attention, because of underground garage illumination time is long, can choose T8LED one-third of aluminum, this kind of lamp design can well solve the problem of heat dissipation.
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