The underground garage lighting lamps and lanterns choice should pay attention to some problems

by:Mylight     2021-01-08
Induction lamp LED radar is widely used in corridor, toilet, garage and other places, but the quality of radar tubes also nots allow to ignore, in today's market, want to find a high quality LED radar induction lamp really need some professional knowledge, or we can just waiting to be cheated! A good radar sensor LED fluorescent lamp, should consists of five parts: the high quality LED chip, low pressure constant current isolated power supply, the relative power of lamps and lanterns of suitable radiator, soft light diffusion effect of point source of chimney and radar sensor sensitivity. 1: the LED chip is important: good LED chip, high light efficiency, low temperature rise, high color rendering index, high junction temperature, antistatic. The key point, induction sensitivity is not high. Heat dissipation is very important: if is insisting that LED cold light source, do not need to heat dissipation, it is a completely mistake, in haven't developed the real low fever before the LED chip, LED without high quality heat sink, it may also be the life of a far less than the current common energy-saving lamps. Because light initial luminous flux decline to 70%, has been identified at the end of the life of LED bulbs. 2: power supply is very important, whether by the high temperature and high humidity, whether she had high pressure safety ( UL) And whether she had the electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC / EMI) , also is all some hard Numbers, also determines the real life of the LED energy-saving lamps, wooden barrel effect, the power supply may be radar sensor LED fluorescent lamp. Adopt what kind of capacitor, electric Yin, is there a smart IC. 3: heat dissipation aluminum tube is also important: general now often specifications and warranty of three years the aluminum pipe wall are almost zero. 5 - 0. 8 mm, oval space is large, the cooling effect is relatively better, the material of aluminum is also key, some are pure aluminium radiator. Coefficient of thermal conductivity is very high, up to 1. 2. Inferior contains a lot of impurities. The coefficient of heat dissipation is very poor, cause only 0. 7. 4: the lampshade is key: chimney is LED bulbs secondary light distribution, the current, have without chimney, a transparent lampshades, grind arenaceous chimney, a milky white chimney, a light diffusion chimney. Without chimney and transparent lampshade, no secondary light distribution, visible LED, LED light source is more and more look dazzling, objects and illuminate is weak. Grind arenaceous chimney light can see the LED light source, the object is part of the weak. Milky white chimney light invisible to the LED light source the light transmittance is low. Spread widely used high quality LED bulbs, light material, arrived at chimney in LED light, the light spread, light invisible after the LED light source, LED energy-saving lamps become a big source of light, the light body is weak, and diffused light lamp shade common light transmittance over 80%, the effect is good. 5: induction sensitivity enough: some induction lamp sensor sensitivity is not enough, people can be induced to the tube down to, general induction lamp, can be induced to in front of the far away from the tube. Know these, consumer is buying special lamp, LED underground garage must polish eyes, find the fitting using the environment quality of the LED radar induction lamp, want radar or induction, these will be ready!
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