The underground garage lighting design: why do you want to use LED lamp radar

by:Mylight     2021-01-08
Underground garage because cannot use natural light as the light source, so even when also need lights on during the day, this can make a little ability of enormous waste, greatly increase the property management from the cost, and not conducive to energy conservation and emissions reduction, as one of the important way of energy consumption of building, should adopt scientific design, on the premise of assurance requirements as much as possible to save energy, so design should meet the following requirements: (1) Choose efficient light source; 2) Lamps and lanterns decorate reasonable, installed, maintenance is convenient, save investment and operation cost; 3) Choose the right means of control, on-demand open, achieve the goal of energy conservation and emissions reduction; 4) Meet the GB 50034 - 2013 garage standard in architectural design standard requirements; 5) Beautiful. The choice of light source variety, for the construction of the underground garage, at present are mainly composed of fluorescent lamp. Although leds luminous efficiency is higher, but the price is expensive, used for outdoor. Garage now commonly used fluorescent lamps with T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps, fluorescent this project use T5 fluorescent lamp, luminous efficiency from the system view, T5 fluorescent lamps are higher than T8 fluorescent lamp. Lamps and lanterns, for example, T8 fluorescent lamp luminous flux of 2 400 lm, including 4 W drive power supply, the system is helpful for 60 lm/W; And the same brand T5 fluorescent lamp luminous flux of 2 500 lm, and 3. 6 w electronic ballasts, photosynthetic efficiency of up to 79. 1 lm/W, T5 fluorescent lamp lights up to 19. 1lm/W。 Control mode reasonable control method also is a kind of effective means of saving electricity. Large investments in the intelligent control system is too high, the system complex and should not be used in residential construction. As residential buildings, towers, part of the public areas USES infrared induction control mode, more underground garage using timing control, depending on the present traffic peak time grouping of lamps and lanterns, time-sharing control. For the arrangement of lamps and lanterns, garage general lanes and parking, each into a loop control respectively. The design of the underground garage is mainly follow a principle, give priority to, after the need to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, the radar tube is such result, to lights, people walk careless or not bright.
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