The underground garage lighting design - — Radar LED lamp

by:Mylight     2021-01-07
Consumption of electricity is also cannot be ignored by the underground garage, a conservative estimate he can occupy one third of the electricity of whole village, if can do a good job in energy-saving design of underground garage, will greatly reduce the village resident of property management fees, or that this part of the property management fees to do some other public facilities construction, so the underground garage design how to design? Underground garage system is the biggest characteristic is that 24 h need to run, even in the use of slack period also need in some special place to keep a certain intensity of illumination. And a lot of property company often USES to replace smaller wattage of the lamps and lanterns or artificially make part of the lamps and lanterns is not working, Demolition of starter, etc. ) To decrease the cost of the operation of the garage, these methods are not desirable. Because in case of an emergency, the garage can't quickly returned to normal illumination. And in the periods of peak use, also can't keep the garage enough illumination, this will not only certain effects on the passage of motor vehicles and dock, at the same time there is a big security hidden danger. The most effective way to decrease the cost of garage system is a partition, shunt, and reasonable control when asked. Garage system is mainly divided into two big systems, namely the normal work of the system and fire emergency system. Fire emergency system is generally installed in the garage of import and export and channel, used to keep garage within the most basic request in case of an emergency. A large mechanical garage, often consist of two or more partition. For the up-down and translation type mechanical garage, each partition of the dome light, back to normal work, including the garage light and channel light and so on several parts. In the light path design, the first must carry on the reasonable partition, on the basis of reasonable zoning, again to each partition for shunt control inside the dome light and back light. As for channel light, should be as a whole is divided into two or more road, guarantee during the slack season, one bright one or two bright one. This scheme according to the characteristics of four partitions, it is the normal work of the system is divided into 4 way back lights, dome light, 2 road lane 4 lights and 1 road lamp of imports and exports, namely the l1 way to control. Only when a partition with vehicles in and out of the need of the dome light and back light work, while other partition of lamps and lanterns is does not need to work. At the peak, but all is in working condition. Garage working system can be used manual switch control, also can use the computer intelligent control. It depends on the garage management requirement. In general, intelligent garage system USES computer management is the inevitable trend of development. Use natural light for led lighting, of course, is the most economic measures. Reasonable set up light well, is undoubtedly the most wise choice. This project locally in high-rise buildings, underground garage under its roof in outdoor floor directly. In the area were set up 2 5 m light Wells, basic can meet around 27 parking ( About 500 m2) The normal, and the installation of system only need to use as compensation at night. At the same time, in order to make the light Wells in the courtyard can have certain landscape effect, will light Wells and the structure of reasonable collocation, make it more truncated pyramid, landscape pool, etc. , obtain a good landscape effect. In terms of lamps and lanterns of choose and buy can choose LED radar induction lamp, this kind of lamps and lanterns can perfect do people come to the light, people go lamp rate effect, can do big energy saving effect. So far, this kind of lamps and lanterns is the optimal of the design of underground garage lamps and lanterns, free consulting ( 0769 - 88981038). More detailed parameters and application effect.
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