The underground garage lighting design

by:Mylight     2021-01-07
At present tall large construction have the underground parking garage, underground parking lot due to the low area is larger, the height, equipment pipelines dense, few or no natural' target='_blank'>led lighting, need to provide for a long time, but in addition to the garage commuting peak, other times the number of cars is not large, if long time all the lights on all the lamps and lanterns, garage when idle caused great waste of resources. In order to achieve the result of on-demand, now a lot of the garage is all USES the control system of centralized control, although this approach can achieve the effect of energy saving, but the overall project cost is high, operation and maintenance costs are very high. Provides the scheme of underground garage, lamps and lanterns is according to the car and people's activity automatically adjust the brightness, do on-demand, the entire don't need manual operation, in ensuring the safe at the same time, to the maximum extent and the most energy saving electricity, safe, convenient and energy saving. Completely conform to the requirements of the national illumination: the gb GB50034 - 2013 in the architectural design standard 'requirements: public garage reference ground plane illuminance standard values of 50 lx. The garage power density limit the current value of 2. 5 w / ㎡, the target is 2 w / ㎡; The underground garage appropriate automatically adjust the intensity of illumination by using demand. Layout comprehensive installation height of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, each lamp illumination condition and the national building design standards, about every seven. 18 w induction 2 ㎡ with a fluorescent lamp. Garage the light cloth, the lane in order to reduce the glare when driving feeling, and considering the direct driving role, lane in light of long axis should be the same as that of vehicle, the configuration of lamps and lanterns should be and lane echo and neatly, such ability can make a good guidance. Parking place according to actual needs, choose high and low light automatic conversion mode or automatically turn off the light, to achieve the maximum energy saving effect. Someone or car into the detection range of induction lamps and lanterns is automatically all bright, cars or people leave after delay for 1 minute, lamps and lanterns is automatically entered into 20% brightness standby mode. ( Applicable to driveways and parking Spaces) Someone or car into the detection range of lamps and lanterns of inductive automatic led lighting lamps and lanterns, when the car or people leave after delay for 1 minute, lamps and lanterns is automatically turn off to enter standby mode. ( Suitable for parking place) And according to the underground garage, also provide energy contract mode, can be in the consumer funds budget shortfalls or don't want to risk transformation, give a perfect solution!
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