The underground garage intelligent lighting design and the choice of lamps and lanterns

by:Mylight     2021-01-10
Underground garage intelligent design is particularly important if you can't make the design of the intelligent, car to car to go round the corner and in the many underground garage, it's easy to cause the accident, so for the intelligent design of underground garage must attach importance to carelessness, then according to the underground garage of intelligent design scheme and lamps and lanterns of what to choose? Light source and cloth lamp light source and lamps and lanterns choice: transformation and the new design of underground garage, LED intelligent control scheme should be adopted. LED light source color temperature 4000 ~ 6000 k, the light efficiency is more than 80 lm/W, color rendering index Ra should be greater than 60. Lamps and lanterns should be concise, LED light source and control the power should be used should be used in the connection between the splice mode connection, installation, maintenance is convenient. Reasonable decorate lamp: the southbound carriageway of the rolls and light a parking space should be uniform arrangement, intensity of illumination should be up to 50 lx, driveway intensity of illumination evenness should reach 0. 6. Due to the low layer of underground garage, some of the underground garage equipment cop is more, the power of the light source of lamps and lanterns is unfavorable choose too large, with light shoulds not be too small. Vehicles out of the entrance, lamps and lanterns decorate spacing can appropriately smaller, illuminance appropriate increase, there is a light and shade on the vision to adapt to the process, day and night should be intelligent adjustment based on environment brightness. Vehicle inward and outward outdoor lamps and lanterns USES metope embedded installation, lamps and lanterns USES asymmetric light distribution, light into driveway ground, avoid glare, affect driving. The protection class of lamps and lanterns should reach IP65 above, prevent the rain water immersion, installation height from the ground commonly around 1250 px. Lane control plan 1: intelligent lamp intelligent control method for single lamp. Driveway by microwave sensor, infrared control technology; Parking space using infrared control technology. When a car, some activities, intelligent light full power work, realize the highlight state, to meet the requirements of the illuminance standard. When none of the car free activities, luminous flux decreased to 10 - rating 15%, achieve low light condition. And the switching process adopts the gradient method, time 0. 5 - For 2 seconds. Scheme 2: driveway lamp USES chain induction control mode. When the first light, the rest of the driveway lights light up along the driving direction order. Parking space control method with those of plan 1. Plan 3: the system control mode. Video induction or independent sensors, network control method. Solution 4: parking space intelligent lamp adopts infrared induction single lamp single control method, a car, some activities, intelligent lamp full power to open, no car no person intelligent lights delay after 10 to 20 seconds out, achieve the maximum energy saving. Solution 5: outdoor type. Outdoor parking building, LED intelligent garage light to increase brightness automatic control function, the brightness is lower than the specified value on the spot, lamps and lanterns to open, implementation plan 1 to 4 control program. 6: functional control system. In addition to the basic functions, intelligent garage system added vehicles, delivery data storage memory function, vehicle parking space display and the guidance function, addressing functions such as parking Spaces. Blue light display space after parking lights, red light shows have accounted for parking, and other functions. Due to the LED lamps and lanterns is a solid-state light source, has small volume, fast response, can module combination, power size can be adjusted freely, the characteristics of the dc power drive, intelligent garage lamp manufacture should take full advantage of this feature. 1. Underground garage intelligent LED lights should be based on the characteristics of the garage, appropriate to the manufacturing and its lamps and lanterns. Lamps and lanterns, light sources and control the power to adopt modular design, power supply, control module and the LED light source module to using plug and socket connection, easy to maintain replacement. To reduce the consumption of materials, material saving is part of the energy saving; 2. Lamps and lanterns in wire for copper wire, cross section should be greater than zero. 5 mm2. ; Lamps and lanterns of irfpa wire for copper wire, cross section should be greater than 1. 5 mm2。 Mainly consider the need of wire mechanical strength and short circuit protection; 3. Reasonable light distribution, control the influence of the glare of vehicles and pedestrians; 4. Vehicles and pedestrians induction distance should not be less than 10 meters; 5. Safety protective earthing shall comply with the requirements of relevant national standard, power supply is built-in the electrically conductive part of the metal shell of lamps and lanterns should be PE line connection port, adopt the special earthing terminal, reliable grounding; 6. Lamps and lanterns should facilitate installation, a hoisting card parts and soft interface. The lamps and lanterns of metal structure into the thread hole should be smooth and intensive ring;
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