The subway lighting requirements

by:Mylight     2021-01-07
With the improvement of living standards, and the increase of population, the subway become the main force of a lot of urban traffic, effectively reduce the traffic pressure of population more city, and subway are all very on time, become a office worker of choice, for example, the Beijing subway has become a legend. The subway is especially important, about many security problems, so the subway is there any requirement? Energy saving manufacturers to share for you. 1, energy-efficient: system of subway power system, the total energy consumption by 13%, the average energy consumption of 26 w/m2, far higher than the national average standard 6 w/m2, other places enormous energy saving transformation driving force. 2, stable and reliable, long life: in the ground, the traffic density is high, long light, the intensity is big, the lamps and lanterns requirement for high reliability, stability, long service life. 3, multi-level, inward and outward channels, station hall, station, car, orbit, due to factors such as natural light, the density of stream of people, comfort, the demand is different. 4, the design of complex, more limited: subway system including the strong and weak electricity system, fire control system, operation system, monitoring system and exhaust system, the design not only needs led lighting effects and human feelings, still need to take care of the other subsystems. 5, art, culture and city landscape: the subway environment decoration more prominent characteristics and style of the city, the design needs and environmental decoration style is consistent, foil set role. 6, strong shock resistance: subway car there is a certain vibration, platform and station hall after the train vibration. Above is guangdong province benchmarking products for you to share the requirement of metro, hope to help you.
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