The structure of the LED tube light

by:Mylight     2021-02-02
Installed with LED tube lamp is mainly used to provide uniform light, like the sun, everything there! Canister light could not as big as the sun, so it is design from the light Angle, tube lamp light Angle generally larger, usually around 120 degrees, common use is yakeli mask, so that you can get uniform light, the light is downy not dazzling. Below the advantages and disadvantages of structurally canister light! 1, the lamp body lamp body, is often done by aluminum, such as aluminum die-casting aluminum, car. Choose aluminum has a lot of factors, the cooling performance is good, aluminum easy processing, at the same time after the aluminum surface oxidation can form a layer of dense alumina, corrosion resistant, and aluminum is lighter, smaller pressure on the ceiling, moreover aluminum price is relatively cheap, the cost is low, the user is easy to accept. In addition to aluminum, plastic is commonly used materials, because plastic cost is lower, but the quality of sacrifice is the cooling capacity and level. 2, ring surface torus surface treatment technology also has a lot of kinds, such as drawing, grinding, painting, main is to meet the diverse needs of different users. Like drawing can show the unique texture and luster, metal grinding can have frosted texture, high temperature of the lacquer that bake on the sides of the lacquer that bake, simple sense is extraordinary. Color also has a variety of ring surfaces, commonly used with gold, silver, white, also have Jin Bianbai polychromatic collocation, such as some ring surface and the adornment such as carve patterns or designs on woodwork, all of these, all is in order to better meet customer needs. 3, light source, now basically with LED, advantage is no longer here. 4, driving power drive power, is the first step on the 220 v mains into the LED light source. LED light source, use the low voltage direct current (dc), so you need to use the power supply, will be 200 v mains switch for low voltage direct current (dc)! Canister light, shoot the light driving various kinds of high-grade is currently with the intelligent constant current driver IC, the power supply, current fluctuations can be converted to a smooth current, the lights will shine would not like this, very eye, life is long, the only lack is the high cost. 5, radiator light source in the light at the same time, often accompanied by fever. LED is a semiconductor, is sensitive to temperature, temperature is too high will reduce its life, therefore, needed a radiator for cooling cooling of lamps and lanterns! On market at present, the mainstream of radiator such as sunflower radiator, blade radiator.
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