The school classroom and blackboard lamp illumination design

by:Mylight     2020-12-22
School classroom design about each student's health study and life, for classroom design is the key to choose a high quality of the classroom tubes and special lamp set, do a good job in the classroom in the arrangement and adjust the brightness of lamps and lanterns, ensure that students studying in the classroom can be healthy! Classroom design: in the process of classroom led lighting design, we follow the steps below for detailed design work: 1) To determine the segment area for illumination brightness level and space distribution. 2) According to the construction characteristics and the function distribution, configuration space light color temperature. 3) The light source color rendering requirements is more than 80. 4) According to the need to choose lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns decorate and comparison and optimization design, the value in the comprehensive implementation standards. 5) Energy saving: with high efficiency and energy saving lamps and lanterns; With high efficiency and energy saving of electric light source; Configuration of high quality electronic ballast, overcome stroboscopic, improve the efficiency of the light source; Partition led lighting control and so on. 6) Harmonious environment: (1) light color coordination, such as: the classroom of coordination with walkways consistent with the characteristics of decoration; (2) coordinated illumination, such as: coordination of classroom and footpath. Changing illumination function different adjacent area should not be more than 5 to 1. 7) At present, the projector has become the main teaching equipment, the classroom may be considered part of the lamps and lanterns that move light, to see the scene increase part of the projection area lamps and lanterns is switch control. Blackboard design: use asymmetric light distribution special lamps and lanterns of the blackboard, asymmetric wash wall lamps and lanterns, matching low light polarization reflector, front window, suitable for the classroom of the blackboard. According to different conditions of decoration, lamps and lanterns offers a variety of installations, there are embedded, such as, hanging type suction a top. The blackboard lamp position setting need to comprehensively consider the view of students and teachers, to avoid glare of direct and reflected glare caused effect on them. Lamps and lanterns of the student's visual noise area must be reasonable set of lamps and lanterns and choose the appropriate lamps and lanterns, the same teacher also need this kind of treatment of visual noise zone, select the appropriate blackboard light lamps and lanterns and correct installation location is the key. You can choose three color fluorescent lamp ( T5 lamp) , T5 tube light efficiency increased by 15% than the same power consumption single pipe higher luminous flux, color rendering index greater than 80; Aisle choose canister light, with a CFL 28 w. Classroom use sunlight colored temperature of 4000 k light source, and public rest areas such as corridor with decorate tonal use warm color temperature of 3000 k light source, realizing the function of the light color in space and to cooperate. All the tubes with electronic ballast, 10% than the ordinary energy-saving inductance ballasts, and eliminate the stroboscopic and noise ( Hum) 。 At the same time the startup performance of lamps and lanterns is better, effectively extending the service life of the light source, reduce maintenance costs.
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