The necessity of LED street lamp transformation

by:Mylight     2021-01-31
Now more and more local governments chose the road of traditional street light from lamps and lanterns is replaced with the LED module lights, so the LED street lamp module of what are the advantages and characteristics of street lamp? Make so many governments choose to spend high price to replace the previous traditional street lamp? For the LED used in street lamp has inherent advantages, its advantage lies in: 1. LED as a point source, if the design is reasonable, to a large extent can directly solve the traditional spherical light source must rely on light emission to solve the problem of quadratic took the light and the light loss; 2. Light irradiation uniformity of the controllable, theoretically can be done entirely uniform within the target area, it can also avoid the phenomenon of traditional light source the light bright the light waste; 3. Color WenKeXuan, such applications in different occasions, is also an important way to improve efficiency, reduce cost; 4. Optical rationality of LED street lamp light distribution; 5. Energy saving index calculation, Calculated on the basis of 12 hours per day : save electricity a year = 365 * 12 * ( 0. 5 - 0. 16) = 1489. 2 save electricity bills a year = 1489. 2 * 0. 8 = 1191. 36 yuan after the modification LED lights, save electricity, 1191 a year per lamp. 36 yuan. If the whole road pavement using LED street lamp per year for the country save a lot of electricity, in terms of economic efficiency, save a lot of money. LED street lamp has so many advantages, important is also can save so much of the electricity, energy companies can also choose to contract, and cooperation to achieve a lower cost for the LED street light energy-saving renovation project!
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