The necessity of LED lighting energy saving reconstruction

by:Mylight     2021-02-02
LED lamps and lanterns has spread to all aspects of daily life, from the simple to the fridge waterproof lamp, and then to vegetable greenhouses plant growth lamp, LED lamps and lanterns is now more widely used in life of product, so the necessity of LED energy-saving renovation? 1, to reduce the cost of production: with the constant improvement of market economic system in our country, most of the domestic enterprises facing the globalization market competition intensifying, many enterprises are faced with falling profits, to this, only by strengthening market development, and strengthening the cost control in two aspects. While in industrial enterprises in all kinds of cost, electricity has become the biggest since the cost of raw materials, artificial cost cost. For most of the industrial enterprise, electricity is not under the control of the enterprise the last item on the cost, many enterprises because of management, process, technology and so on various aspects reason, generally low utilization efficiency of electricity, energy saving potential is tremendous, so by technical means to reduce the electricity bills, it is imperative to improve profit space, including plant energy saving potential is overwhelming. 2, energy conservation and emissions reduction is necessary. 3, product upgrading inevitable: kerosene lamps - since childhood - → Candles - - → Tungsten filament lamp - - → Fluorescent lamp - - → Energy-saving lamps - - → LED lights, naturally. It is similar to the development of human civilization is the progress of the constantly rising, any things will present the development trend of rise, therefore evolve from kerosene lamps to LED lights or higher science and technology of lamps and lanterns is inevitable! Additional energy shortage has become the economic and social development of our country's an indisputable fact that our country construction enterprise development is rapid, building energy consumption in the whole energy consumption proportion is more and more big. In recent years, factories and mines, enterprises and the reform of housing system has greatly promoted the development of housing industry and national economy, building energy consumption is growing rapidly. Our country introduced all kinds of building energy conservation laws and regulations and technical specifications, and the energy-saving technical renovation measures for the management of financial reward funds to give subsidies and tax breaks on the policy, aims to promote energy-saving building construction and help enterprise energy saving money. Traditional LED to the pace of transformation is accelerating. The National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other departments are studying the policy of financial subsidies to promote LED products. LED industry rapid development, currently on the price, the technology already has a strong competitive advantage, become the life-blood of the industry and market of small star. So whether in schools, factories or government reform is very necessary, completes the formulation and implementation of energy saving retrofit scheme is very important!
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