The LED heat dissipation

by:Mylight     2021-02-23
We all know that the LED lamps and lanterns has many advantages compared with traditional lamps and lanterns, but LED a big problem is the heat problem, can perfectly solve the cooling problem relates directly to an the quality stand or fall of lamps and lanterns, so do the cooling solution for the LED's quality is very important. LED lamp housing industry, the application of heat dissipation material should not only focus on coefficient of heat transfer, while ignoring the thermal resistance. If only see some cooling patch, heat paste, cooling or heat conduction coefficient of heat transfer of film is very good, just think you can take the heat out, is likely to be disappointed. Expected temperature decreased, LED lamp shell of epitaxial won't droop due to overheating, street lamp can effectively extend the service life and acceptance smoothly, may not happen. LED lamps and lanterns of LED lamp shell, heat dissipation structure, drive, lens, so lamps and lanterns of LED lamp shell heat dissipation is a very important part. The quality of LED lamp shell lamp is stable, and the lamp body itself is important heat dissipation, high brightness leds on the market at present the shell lamp radiator, usually adopt natural cooling, the effect is not ideal. Heat do not ideal, the life of itself of lamps and lanterns will be affected. To protect the lamps and lanterns is not affected by the climate environment erosion, effective heat conduction, economical and effective method is to soft radiating ceramic painting. But from the overall concept of heat dissipation, reduce the thermal resistance interference, is the key to LED lamp shell large through the acceptance of lamps and lanterns. Protect shell lamps and lanterns should abandon the traditional plating or painting, these two methods will reduce the heat seal back inside the lamps and lanterns. So each vendor should actively manpower to develop into a better cooling scheme, continuously improve the quality of the LED lamps and lanterns.
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