The hotel lighting design

by:Mylight     2020-12-03
Hotel design from the active surface is divided into global, local and hybrid, such as hotel space design space interface is implemented by smallpox, elevation and ground, etc. Today, we mainly speak the lobby of the hotel, rest area and the front desk. The front desk of the hotel, the lobby and lounge area is to meet the customer's place, where the lights of the need to design the warm and comfortable, reflect the personality of the hotel, to meet customer expectations and create atmosphere at the same time, the work here staff can do their job efficiently. The other corridor must be kept bright, because it leads to the customer's room, is also an emergency escape route. Use LED lamps and lanterns, under the same conditions can save about 75% of its energy, and at the same time also can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In the hotel corridor adopts LED to absorb dome light, not only ensure enough brightness, energy saving save electricity again, at the same time, the beauty is generous. In the hotel lobby at the entrance of the LED ball steep light, LED bulbs are very delicate and cabinet, modelling is also attractive, they not only can provide sufficient for the entrance of the hotel and lobby, can also play a role of decoration. Can be installed in the hotel lounge area or hall high power LED ceiling lamp, LED tube lamp series, can build a comfortable atmosphere, become a good place for people to rest, chat or read, can also be embedded in the walls, this can let indoor space appears more capacious, and can choose different colors for decoration.
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