The garage illumination energy conservation transformation LED induction lamp replacement options

by:Mylight     2020-12-06
As LED lamps and lanterns is more and more get the need of market, the LED tubes have been widely used in the underground garage, its main is designed to replace the traditional fluorescent tube of a new generation of energy-saving lamps and lanterns, but in order to compatible with the original product installation, so in terms of design and manufacture of the products, is completely according to the size of the original design. In traditional fluorescence fluorescent lamp, is widely used to belong to T8 0. 6 meters and T8 1. 2 meters two specifications, especially for the underground garage, average T8 1. 2 meters is arguably the most extensive. LED lamp for sales on the market in recent years, for the consumers on the market, especially not exposed to the LED lamp users, choose a suitable replacement, what kind of specification, if it is a new installation will be easier, but for the application of energy-saving reform environment, buy to return the leds with the traditional fluorescent tube bracket can't form a complete set of brings to the enterprise is a can not see the value. So the application of underground garage leds in choice except to see quality, it remains to be seen whether leds and traditional stent size. 1. Leds at length in the underground garage choosing LED lamp, we only can give the size of the LED lamp factory told that we need, this factory also know you need is what kind of LED lamp, LED bulb commonly according to length can be divided into: 0. 6 meters, 0. 9 m and 1. 2 meters of the three common specifications, but from that produced by each manufacturer LED bulb lamp bead model and LED lamp bead amount is different, so there are some gap on power. 2. Leds the diameter we at the time of purchase leds, in addition to depends on the size of the products, we also need to provide product size, so manufacturers can quickly for us to provide better services, can also reduce both sides because of different sizes to be loaded into the scaffold. Underground garage because it is a long time, and it is intermittent, so generally choose induction LED fluorescent lamp, underground garage radar sensor is the first choice to the LED fluorescent lamp, followed by acoustic sensor LED fluorescent lamp, again is human body induction LED fluorescent lamp. The underground garage because there are 15 vehicles The speed of 20 km, so the radar sensor LED fluorescent lamp is best suited to; Human body induction LED fluorescent lamp, due to the underground garage reflect not to come over, often only after vehicles through the lights; Acoustic induction LED fluorescent lamp, underground garage and vehicle muting relationship is very big, may all lights, also may not trigger them. All choose LED fluorescent lamp, underground garage must according to the environment. Garage, the traditional lamps and lanterns on the basis of the original replaced by LED radar induction lamp, in order to improve the condition, do the effect of saving electric energy, so when doing the renovation can pay attention to the new lamps and lanterns and the original perfect replacement, don't cause unnecessary waste of resources!
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