The design of the school the classroom blackboard lamp and lamp

by:Mylight     2020-12-19
Today's schools is not only to attach importance to the health of the body, also pay attention to the human body engineering, environmental psychology, etc. The classroom needs to pay attention to protect students' eyesight, visual comfort, visual effect and visual comfort requirements, hope to create a high degree of satisfaction of learning conditions. Requirement of LED lamps and lanterns of the classroom and LED lamps and lanterns of the blackboard stroboscopic, no radiation, no harm of blue light, no noise, etc. The school the classroom main area is focused on the overall and the blackboard two main areas. The classroom to ensure that the students don't have to eye fatigue, intensity of illumination requirements must be in more than 300 lx, color rendering more than 85. School is given priority to with the class during the day, the light source should give priority to with natural led lighting, and artificial just in order to complement classroom illumination is insufficient, uniform illumination distribution. The classroom should be used with LED daylight lamp is given priority to, direct way. LED fluorescent tube arrangement should be at right angles to the blackboard. Light row distance between should not greater than the maximum permissible distance ratio of lamps and lanterns. The blackboard illuminance value should be higher than the classroom, and must adopt special lamps and lanterns illuminate. Direct light should not be entered into the blackboard illuminated by students within the eye, students and teachers should not be the blackboard reflected glare interference. The blackboard LED lamps and lanterns should hold the view of the teachers level 48 degrees elevation above. A good classroom environment, need to choose the high quality of lamps and lanterns of the classroom. The special lamps and lanterns with high efficiency and energy saving high quality LED light source, no stroboscopic control IC constant-current power supply, lamps and lanterns through professional optical design, use small grille anti-dazzle technology, the lamp body USES the pervious to light material, omnidirectional light, create a healthy and comfortable even classroom light environment. At the same time, in the classroom, is the key of the blackboard, the blackboard to the tasks of the transmission of knowledge. Generally the classroom blackboard utilization rate is very high, must stand in the Angle of the students and teachers to consider the blackboard. School classroom carrying a lot of things, involves many aspects, such as students, teenagers vision protection, the improvement of the learning environment; Schools, saving energy save electricity, save product replacement cost and so on, these are very important, so for the classroom lights and blackboard lamp is looking for professional, experienced schoolrooms manufacturer to do, so that various aspects to have the guarantee. Below is professional classroom light and blackboard light recommendation: classroom blackboard lamps
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