The death of the LED downlight lamp causes and treatment methods

by:Mylight     2021-02-02
In daily use LED downlight process will often encounter canister light dead lamp, so how to distinguish between what causes canister light dead lamp? Know to how to deal with after LED canister light death light? The following energy saving certification product for your share! A, identify the virtual welding dead light compare with a brief but quite efficacious way to distinguish LED canister light dead light is heated the not bright lights. We put some not bright LED tube light, LED wire heated to 200 - 300 ℃, if the LED tube lamp can light up, but to follow the lead temperature lowering LED tube lamp by the light is not bright, it is confirmed that the LED tube light is virtual welding. Appear this kind of condition, I have to clarify is caused by a virtual welding LED downlight lamp to death. Second, handling LED die light way 1, a link to ignore in the encapsulation process are the cause of formation, the LED tube light death light reason first is to ignore. If staff are not careful to silver glue ( About single solder chip) Points is more or less, is not, the glue will be return to the chip gold mat, form a short circuit, chip, sticky rickety. Pressure, time, temperature, power together four parameters are appropriate, otherwise, easily crush chip under pressure, too small, easily virtual welding. 2, deal with static electricity on the LED tube lamp wick piece of formation damage, the LED chip of p-n junction effect leather and cause death lamp. LED chip of p-n junction out effect leather and cause death lamp are all staff itself with greatly provoked, the human body with electrostatic much differences of fabric clothes with people, and everyone's predisposition, qiu dong the day between the night we can easily see clothes to take off the clothes of discharge, so the task should wear antistatic clothing, equipped with electrostatic ring, electrostatic ring to superior, they can have a kind of don't need the result of the electrostatic grounding part of anti-static owe good, suggest not use match the substance, if staff violation of operating procedures, should bear the warning education of response, and also notice the effect of others.
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