The classroom the lamp that shield an eye is how to coordinate the relationship between the natural light and indoor lighting

by:Mylight     2020-12-12
The classroom is the main place to students' study and life, according to incomplete statistics, every day for the students, at least half of the time is spent in the classroom. For the students, the classroom is their second home, should not only teach the most professional knowledge for students, and to the escort for students' vision health. And is vital for the classroom of the classroom, more need to be given enough attention. In the classroom, we need to have a lot of work to do, which is the key point is: for classroom design, must be combined with natural light and indoor, the relationship between the classroom design eye classroom light environment and health. So, how should we do? ( 1) To consider the student area and the platform of the light intensity of illumination, color temperature, color is different, in order to make students focused, is beneficial to teaching, must pay attention to this area. ( 2) When the ambient light and indoor light intensity of illumination ratio is too large, if there is no ambient light or low ambient light, easy to cause students' visual fatigue, upset, and don't concentrate. ( 3) Environmental slant yellow green in color orange and full method. it is moderate, students study hard, spirit up easily. In contrast, when the ambient light and environmental colour slants cold gray, white, and saturated through low or too high, easy to stir students emotions. When the higher the intensity of illumination, reflect the more obvious. ( 4) Environmental colour is too complex, chaos, light contrast is too large, the students spirit is easy to disperse, affect the teaching effects. As campus health driving light, was awarded the first standard units of high quality light environment, the classroom to the education of color temperature, glare, blu-ray, intensity of illumination problems such as strict control, avoid bad light cause harm to students' eyesight health! Designed specifically for the lamps and lanterns, in line with national standards desks to maintain average ( Constant) Illumination is more than 300 lx, intensity of illumination evenness 0. 7. The blackboard to maintain average ( Constant) Illumination 500 lx, intensity of illumination evenness 0. 8; High color rendering index greater than 90, the color reducibility; Using grating anti-dazzle design, light glare value less than 16, not dazzling. Color temperature is 5000 k, comfortable soft; The whole classroom illumination uniformity, no stroboscopic!
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