The classroom of the lamp that shield an eye has a direct influence on how students eyesight

by:Mylight     2020-12-12
Go everywhere with glasses, and now the students myopia incidence in our country in the world. In addition to the heavy schoolwork burden, the condition is also an important factor to make of the classroom. Primary and middle school students in our country about nearly 8 - every day 10 hours of time is spent in the classroom, if it is a boarding school, longer stay in the classroom. Studies have shown that: students poor classroom is one of the leading causes of vision loss. So, bad classroom will produce what effect to eyesight health? Now as to find out together! A stroboscopic high, classroom. Lead to the pupil sphincter kept a close, cause students eye fatigue, vision loss. Now school light source is generally use 220 v / 50 hz fluorescent lamp, led to tubes, flicker, study is a stroboscopic light, the visual system needs to constantly adjust the eye pupil size to protect retinal imaging resolution, the stability of the light intensity and long time in the classroom light environment study, make the pupil muscle fatigue due to excessive use, light generation eye fatigue, while in the visual system damage. Second, the classroom color rendering index is low. Ordinary fluorescent spectrum is not complete, can lead to a lack of color and color, far less than the national standard Ra 80 or higher, and the colour of lamps and lanterns reduction ability is poor, will directly affect a child's color vision. Three color temperature on the high side, the classroom, white light. The standard provisions of the state, appropriate USES 3300 - of the classroom 5500 k color temperature of light, but at present most school classroom light color temperature around 6500 k, white light, easy to cause the student easy irritability, fatigue, long-term cause students eye myopia. Four, blu-ray harms and glare. Blue glare influence is eyesight health hazards and the two big killers, not only may cause headache, insomnia, and so on and so forth, are likely to cause eye fatigue, macular degeneration and so on. Five, the uneven illumination. Average illuminance value of national standard desk 300 lx, intensity of illumination evenness 0. 7. The blackboard the average illuminance value 500 lx, intensity of illumination evenness 0. 8, the illumination uniformity of the classroom to make students learn the visual effect more natural, it does not hurt the eyes. So, the classroom to provide high quality light environment, it can provide comfortable and the quality of the eye, reduce visual fatigue, prevent myopia! Recommend school choice '' brand, won the first standard units of high quality light environment, the classroom of color temperature in education, glare, blue light, intensity of illumination problems such as strict control, avoid bad light harm to students' eyesight health, let them enjoy the eye and the high quality light environment of the classroom! The above is the 'classroom of the lamp that shield an eye has a direct influence on how students eyesight problems' in detail, hope to help you!
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